DWIV - 3D - Yin-Shiuan - The Darkness of Demon Lord


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Hi, Everyone!
I am new for DWIV Challenges, and I am very excited to entry it.
So, here is my firts concept. I want to represent the darkness of demon lord. More images are coming soon!
c&c welcom!^^


Nice start can’t wait to see more. Good luck!


a little update.


I like it with 4 legs and I like it with two legs. But I think that you can get more dynamic poses out of the one with two legs though. But great concepts!




Thank you!^^
More concept images are coming soon.
Thank you!

Actually, I want to focus on the “lord” feeling.
The “lord”, not is only possessed a scare seeming. It must be a god-likely. I want to represent this momentum.^^


These are really great! I like the one with the two “dog” heads.
Keep it up!


Personally I like the four legged one. Reminds me of a lion. And he got that royal and powerful look. Great sketches.


Thank you!^^
Thank you!
Someone propose me that the “four legs” look like a underling, not like the lord. I will try to draw more concept images later.
c&c welcom, please.^^


wow these are looking bad ass, can’t wait for more, loving the sitting pose but keep going, doing great!!


It’s looking awesome!

I’m gonna follow this one


Good designs, I like the profile one of the head with 3 eyes on each side it has a power to it a sence of nobility yet furosity I think it has winning characteristics. Very dark and very strong.

lower half is always a tricky choice.

good luck


Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you! I like it, too.^^
But I will change a little bit some shape about the head.
(Are you meaning my image size?)

This is new version. Two legs.
I want to capture some characteristics that about “Demon”, “Lord”, and “Dark”.
I change the “dog-like head” located place, just like gushed from left shoulder-back of demon lord.


really great concept mate, I wish you a best luck


Thank you!

Hi! Something delay my progress. ==|||
Here is a new upgrade.
The concept is closed complete, so, sculpting time is coming soon!^^


Awesome! Can’t wait to see him in 3D! Great Job :thumbsup:


I am new for DWIV contest. So, I have some question.

What is the modeling/texturing building progress?

My progress is building a base mesh(multi object) in Maya now. Then go to ZBrush to sculpt be a hi poly model(have some sub objects) → retopology each part of hi poly models → creat uv for each low poly models → import hi & low poly model(.obj) in Maya, then creat normal map.

Maya can’t import too heavy obj file,(My computer is old type…) but in order to represent a good detail, hi poly is necessary.:sad:

I consider using mulity objects that can decrease poly count. But, it is meaning that I have mulity uvs. The final result request we use singular sheet texture. How can do that? Combine all objects??

What is your progress/method?:curious:

Please help me!:cry: Thank you!!


Hey mate nice concept :slight_smile:

As for the high poly issu. well I normaly create a low poly around the highpoly in 3dsmax, but I do not import the higest level of suD, you dont need it to create the game rez model.
Then I Uv the low poly in max and export it, in zbrush I export the very highpoly at its highest suD and then use xNormal to generate the normals. :slight_smile:



That’s my process as well


Great start and very powerful fella U got here. Love the design. :thumbsup:
Need more of your works please!
And good luck! :beer: