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BEAUTY SHOT AND CONSTRUCTION (see page 3 for details):

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     Starting off my Demon Prince for Dominance War 4. I haven't had much time to draw this week so I have a few quick doodles here, working out some areas of the body before I get too far ahead designing the entire character. If something starts to appeal to me, I will take the idea further. Keeping it loose at the moment. 
                I will continue to update this first post image with the most recent character art.
              - Synectikos


I can tell that you miss working on the W40K universe :wink: That’s looking great man, can’t wait to see all these pieces put together! :slight_smile:


Hey Shawn, good to see you posting!
I like the head on the left… looking forward to seeing more!


LOL, is it that obvious Adrien?

I’m actually really pumped to get back into this universe. It was a lot of fun to work in and open for creativity. I just hope I can dedicate the time required to finish!

I’ll post more on the weekend.


Here are some thumbnails to workout the silhouette of the Demon Prince
very quickly done. I think I am going to stay away from full bat wings so that I can use the polygons in other areas. I’d rather have more “stuff” on him instead of giant wings.

Also exploring skull variations. The larger skull for the belt buckle and the interlocking skulls are for the shoulder armor detail.

 I think the CG Society logo is pretty cool, so I’d like to incorporate that into the character as much as possible. It makes a great shape for weapons like the top of a staff with flames coming from the center where the dragons are. A spiked ball and chain would also be pretty cool in the other hand. 

 I roughly sketched the feeling I’d like for his head

very demonic and skull-like with large bull horns. I’ll post the full character sketch I am working on in a day or two and then its onto the modeling process by Thursday! :slight_smile:


Hey Synectikos, great to see you entering!

I agree on the wings, you’ll eat up a lot there for just wings - unless you can think of something really cool to do with them, it’s probably just a waste of polys/texture.

As for your silhouettes, I’m drawn to #1, and perhaps the massively reverse articulated legs of #9.

Good luck man!




Dargon - Thanks for the feedback. I will be posting my sketch in progress next. I went with the 2nd/3rd silhouettes. I didn’t want to cover his legs with all that cloth like in the 1st thumbnail. I would like to show as much skin for his chest and legs because the muscles can show a lot of detail in zBrush. :slight_smile:


Full body sketch in progress…

I will hopefully complete the sketch tonight. It seems as I am naturally progressing towards a Fantasy style of character, which I am happy with. I have never done a full Fantasy realm before.

I am still working on the details around his waste and weapons. I blocked in a huge sword type of thing but I am not sure about that. One weapon will for sure be a Fire Staff featuring the CG Society logo.

I’d like to add chains hanging around his waste as well.


I am really liking the concept. :thumbsup: Can’t wait to to see it in 3D.


Stutts - Thanks for the props!

Here’s an update on the sketch I was working on. I wouldn’t consider this to be set in stone… I just needed a clear direction to go so that I can start modeling. I know my proportions are off, especially in the legs. I’d like to use Photoshop’s Liquify to play around with that now that I have a complete drawing.

The boots are both kind of different. I didn’t know if I should go with side spikes or top spikes on the boot.

I’d love to hear your feedback!


Hey Shawn,

Cool concepts and studies! :smiley: Like a lot your last update. Maybe a bit more huge arms, and a bigger boots for your character, to looks more “compact”, only a comment :slight_smile: Good luck and waiting for more updates!! :smiley: Cheers!! :beer:


Ferx - Thanks for the comments. I have made a few changes to his proportions. I still don’t quite like his legs but I can change that in the 3D model.

What do you think? Is this new image better?

(It’s a bit blurry as I was using Liquify on the sketch)


Hey Shawn,

I prefer the short and stalky proportion, looks more stronger :smiley: Cheers!! :beer:

(P.S. Perhaps one horn pointing up and the other pointing down, to put an asymmetric touch on the head, only a comment :slight_smile: )


I like the short and stalky one also you could also break one of the horns to break up the symmetry. Keep it up man


Ferx and Stutts - Thanks for the comments! I will keep this in mind as I work on the 3D model.

Not much of an update right now. I have started roughing in the model and will post that soon.

I’ve gathered some key references to use as a style guide for his head and skulls. To make him feel more demonic, I’d like his head to be almost skull-like with some Venom in him. I love Venom’s long tongue. The skull tattoo is pretty cool. I like the eyes.

I added the the references from Gladiator to see how they dressed high rank people in armor. Since this is a “Demon Prince”, I figure he should have signs of royalty/general. I like the fur and cape, and layered shoulder armor. I would like to keep his chest more open though, as that’s a sign of strength.


cool. concept.
I like the way you researched the idea, all creative.
can’t wait to see the modeling. keep doing the awesome works.


nice references for the skulls and armor.
can’t wait to see how the model is coming along!


Nice collection of sketches here Shawn! You totally have enough to get sculpting. I cant wait to see your sculpt!!


Finally, some time for progress! I was really busy for over a week there so I did not have time to post updates.

[u][b]Lee (Paratrooper)[/b][/u] - Thanks for stopping by!

Stutts - Thanks for the comments, you can see some of the skull progress below. Feel free to crit!
DTran - Thanks man. Yours is looking good too. Can’t wait to see your next zBrush post!

Anyways, here is my latest progress done this Easter Long Weekend up here in Canada. 

The low poly model needs work on the body.




The shoulder pad was my first test to get back into Zbrush. Its pretty rough but it has the interlocking skulls like I posted in one of my sketches. The idea is that the shoulder pads are heavy armor, made of gold or silver... shiny and hacked up. War torn. They feel a bit light in Zbrush as I lost some of the thickness as it smoothed. 
 Still missing: Fur on his back/shoulders, weapons, chains and shoulder strap.


Looking sweet man! Great details so far.