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Hey everyone!
It seems I’m not the only one entering Domwar for the first time, makes me feel a lot better heh.:cool: Good luck everyone!

I decided to go with a Norm Invoker.
When I first seen the topic go up this sounded really appealing to me, and after throwing down some quick thumbnails, I think I can take it in some cool directions. Let me know what you think!



Wow! yeah, thats one Hot involker! I like the pose that shes in. I think right now her weapon could be a bit more menacing and bigger. I think you have a great base here to add too. Really looking forward to seeing this one to the end. Keep going!


Cool. Good start!
glad to see yours in here. For sure,I will check it whenever you update.


Looking hot man! ::thumbsup:


Great start. I’m loving the feel you’ve got going with her.


Great start man! Can’t wait to see where this goes!

I think I like the one on the left a bit more than the right. The contrast of feathers/skin/armour should work well

Wow. It’s a real reunion in here… :arteest:


Glad to see you entering Man!
i also like the right one the best! The bird legs could be very cool for the silouhette, but of course, the feather would be a challenge! I can’t wait to see your progress on this character, that will be awesome! :slight_smile:


Hey Everyone!

Thanks for all the kind words guys! Hey Dargon, yeah this is totally a reunion eh? So, thanks to those of you who gave some input, I really dont want to paint myself into a boring corner here by making something too generic, so Soggy, Tran, Debos, Paratrooper and Dargon, keep it coming!

SO, on with the post. I originally wanted to make something angelic in a spot where Im sure we will see our fair share of demons :wink: but again, I dont want to be too generic. So as I go I have been finding vibeage that feels how I feel about the character. Things like strenght, purity, earth, roots, elemental all come to mind. Which as you can see, is making her go down a more Aboriginal path. I am super liking this and open the magic manipulation path up for me as well perhaps a pet? Anyways, take a look, give feedback and I’ll keep sketching.



I really like the size of the wings, and they look really soft, If you go with this idea, I hope you can capture the soft weightlessness of those wings. Nice work.


Super massive blade and wings! That’s gonna be a good balance with the apparent purity of the girl! :slight_smile:
I really liked the harpy legs better though. But that might be just me and my love for mythological creatures…
Keep it up Stephen!


See? I told you this would be fun :slight_smile: This is a nice little update. Given that you added the big wings and blade…i am going to agree with debos…HARPY legs ftw!


Alright, the feet are back… I thought it lost something for sure when I took them away, but my problem was they dont seem beautiful enough to me, but I think if I match the feel of the wings with feathers on the top of the feet, I should be able to combat this… I want her strong but breath taking. I also took the advice of Tran and added a magical element in the form of crystals floating above her… these are very rough right now, But I imagine them to be called from the earth and still have dirt on them adding to her earthy vibeage. Anyways, let me know what you think, Crits welcomed!!



My opinion is why would she need a feather hat when she can have a floating “crown” of gems and jewels?


Hey Kblackwd!

My idea is the feathers wont be a head dress, but actually growing from her head through her hair. And the crystals wont be a crown, but floating behind her/ over her head. Still playing with all these, but I’m pretty confident I can make this cool :wink: Thanks for the input!


Oh, sorry looks like a headband, that would be pretty awesome, I dont even think Harpies have feathers growing from their heads. Original idea, cant wait to see it.


hey buddy,

I like how the sketches are coming along and I really like how you brought those feet back.
My only comment right now is that the design itself feels a little too symmetrical. Try adding a couple of diagonals to the design (belt, costume part, etc) to spice it up a bit.

Other than that keep up the good job man!!


Dude, i am so digging the claws!!! oh and the floating gem things are rad too! :slight_smile: Maybe try a bigger weapon…like a huge eagle talon blade or something? :S. Overall this is looking pretty fricken sweet!! more as usual.


Hey! It’s like an ex-Relic reunion here! Nice work smacdonald. I like the progression and the new claws work out well.


That is just awesome-sauce mate. Looking really good!


I really dig the design. The feet are cool in my opinion too :slight_smile:
The only thing that kind of bugs me is the big round cleaver. I always feel that having humungous steel weapons in skinny characters hands makes the weapon feel light and unimpressive and at the same time makes the whole thing unbalanced… Even if she is angellic in strength I think a sleaker weapon could look better in her hands. I see her as a graceful ninja or magic user, not a brute.

Just my 2 cents.