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hi there , is this going to be a demon or human ?! , i like ur beast btw , cya :buttrock:


Looks big and strong as hell (he he). Could you write some info about this character? :slight_smile:


I got a fever… and the only perscription is…



Glad to see you enter this thing Mr.Sergio.


Hey Sergio,

Cool WIPs :smiley: For sure your chracter looks huge! Good luck, and waiting for more updates, Cheers!!


Hi man! He looks trully badass xD I like it.


Hey guys!
Thank you for your comments!

Hi Jacque! it’s been a while man… I didn’t know stayed in Montreal, cool entry you have at CGHub.

Martin, I enjoyed your Steampunk a lot, can’t wait to see your DW.

I’m thinking about the background story of the character, so I’ll post some text before doing more concepts… btw he is a NORM, Class: Mutant

as Bruce Dickinsons said:
“Easy, guys… I put my pants on just like the rest of you, one leg at a time.”

  • Feuryg -
    Born in the wasteland ages ago and forged in battle.
    It’s a Norm. He was human once, now is a mutant Warlord that rise to fight for CGTalk.
    He manipulate magic through his Gauntlet.
    Part of his flesh didn’t survived the past encounters and now you can see his skeleton of cyanphite. His mutant powers gave him the ability to generate a crust that protect him, but he wears a light armour to reinforce himself.


just trying to find the idea…
not sure… crits welcome!


I would like to add some more armour and shields with animal skulls style.


testing some armour…


Hey Sergio…

Looking good buddy…I had no idea ya entered!?..good to see ya on the frontlines too!!



I like your latest concept:thumbsup:
Looking forward. Good luck!


Thanks for cheering me up guys!

First time I joined the DW I didn’t finish, but this one is gonna be different, CGTalk goes to the war!!!


Hey thats pretty massive character,I love it,could you please tell me where to find images like those metal kinda sculls,thanks


I just typed “animal skulls” in Google…



ok than will try that,thanx


concept I did in ZB, starting from the polysphere:


more stuff on the face