DWIV - 3D - QuantumPixel - Dakroth DemonPrince


Oooooo boy o boy o boy. I have been anticipating this challenge for the last 4 months anxiously awaiting the coolest and most inspiring content creation project of my year.

  Last year I had allot of fun and learned allot. My design last year was over the top and over complicated stretching the budget to the limits and loosing quality due to that fact. This year my plan is to keep it more simple and focus on producing the best quality highest resolution product possible.

  Demon Prince:
  Name Dakroth
  Elemental: Fire/lava


Here I is the Design I am going for. I would like to make his face and chest attractive in some Latin, Mayan Egyptian type style with dragon bone cartilage and tusks growing out from his skin with the outer extremities getting dragon lizard like scaly properties and heaver dragon characteristics to the ends of his extremities. I figure being a Demon there must be a level of brutal power with both a magical Power and the strength to rip physically from limb to limb a norm if desired. I have not yet decided on weather to give him a tail and may do another posed drawing to feel it out.

Dakroths Elemental power comes from his Sward Artifact one that poses es a connection to fire and lava. His skin is impenetrable by any man or machine made weapon and he is a ferocious cruel and evil air to the Demon kingdom one who relishes in suffering and death.


Looks cool for a start, I would try to break up the silhouette a little bit to make him more diverse, otherwise great start


hi mathew, the detail definition has a good start

however, the body posture and face seems generic male.
you might want to try to play around with overal proportion.

esp the shoulder size, is look like doesn’t allow him to carry his own huge arm

keep designing :stuck_out_tongue: mine is still random thumbnails


Hey Matt,

Cool design and great start. What stage are you at and when are you going post some 3d Images?



Thanks for the Crits they are helpful. Here is the base blocking mesh. I added a cloak and a gold spider clasp on the right breast and a tail. Looks like I will be spending the next few days doing UVs and getting the meshes ready for mudbox. I am sure it will evolve in the sculpting stage just as it did from inishial design through blocking.


good stuff man, looks promising, keep up the good work!


thanks. It will probably be a few days until the next update as I am going to be doing some UVs and prepping the mesh for mudbox.


Base mesh hand.


Got the UVs done last night for the arms. I hope to be sculpting by the end of the week. My philosofy on this project is to get it to a pretty good point in maya smooth it bring it to mudbox with full UVs sculpt and texture in mudbox 2009 then export the meshes and reduce the low mesh back down to 10 000 tris for the final product. My goal on this one is quality over quantity.


Another wire frame.


I worked on some more proportions and added detail to the head.


So glad I’m not entering the 3d contests, you guys have to do a concept and a fully textured 3d model…the horror! :smiley:

I like your progress sofar, some quick comments:
-Making his head a tad smaller would make him look more fierce I think.
-Also, I’d beef up his underarms some more, and maybe make his upperarms a bit more leaner.
-The legs already feel quite good, I like it that he really has some beefy lowerlegs :slight_smile:

I do think you could push the concept some more, and bring in some asymetry into the character. For instance, break off one horn, give one shoulder a big bulge, give one underarm a really big guantlet, a diagonal belt over his shoulder (maybe with a big weapon attached on his back), a pouch attached to his waistbelt, stuff like that. It’ll make the character come to life some more and give it some personality. But, it’ll also mean a shitload more work, so pick your battles…:smiley:

Anyway, good luck, looking forward to the udpate!



thanks Edwin, those are some very good suggestions. I agree about making it a bit more asymmetrical. I have been considering adding some Black and red velvet cloaking. As a prince who will age into some thing huge and ugly as he turns to a lord I want to make sure to have an element of royalty at the same time as a brutal warrior .


did a little color paint over tonight and added a couple of things that I will add into the model tomorrow.


good to see you get back to concepting, keeps things fresh! About the a-symetry again: maybe you can treath the dragon-like stuff he’s got on now as somekind of mutation, kinda like organic armour. This would be an excuse to take out some of the symetry. Kinda like this image, only a bit more human I think: https://mirceaeliade.wikispaces.com/file/view/Prince_of_Persia_The_Two_Thrones_wallpaper9.jpg
Just a suggestion ofcourse, nice progress sofar!



Thanks Edwin.
I wish my 2dskills where way better! I guess I just need to practice or maybe take a digital painting class. As a demon I figured to make him have a line of dragon in his blood and I beefed up that shoulder gard a bunch in the model at home and will add a mask as the cloak clasp. Tonight there will be an update. I spent most of the weekend UVing the High rez mesh. I have decided to multi purpose this model. when I am finished I am going to animate a 5 second spot with the hi rez mesh transitioning to a rotation. If I can simply Low rez from the high rez mesh and maintain the UVs then I may have an advantage when baking the normal maps we will see.


Belt and Torso Study.

I was puttering in 3d so I did a quick screen grab and draw over to work things out.

Back to the build!


Hey Matthew,

Really cool concept and the model looks really great :smiley: Like a lot the “Lava/fire” boots and gloves, really great touch on the concept! Good look and waiting for more updates!! Cheers!! :beer:


That last concept is really nice, i cant wait to see this guy sculpted, going to turn out really nice, the skull belt is an especially nice touch :smiley: