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[left]Hey guys. as of right now, I have no idea which direction i want to go. but here are some thumbnails ive been doing. Let me know which ones you like. Thanks! [/left]


Alright so i did another round of concepts. i’m going to use a 14 year old boy as the character. i just want to get the silouette and the design right. which ones do you guys like best?


I really dig the middle one!


Hey Thanks, I think i’m going to do some more concepts in a bit combining the first and second one and see where that goes.


The middle one for me too.


Thanks for the replys, heres two more that ive done. if you think some mix and match should be happening, let me know. Thanks guys!


Maybe the shoulder-part and the staff of the right to the left.


Alright i did my color concept and my orthographic views. let me know what you think?


Hey Matt,

Really cool concept, like a lot your idea :slight_smile: Perhaps the boy’s glove can be a bit bigger ( more a wish than a critic :D) Again, cool work ! Cheers! :beer:


Hey Thanks for the reply Ferx, I’’ def try it out and see how it looks.


Neat man. Your doing good.


awww what! Second accont. This is the one im using for dominance.


looking good so far, are you planning on leaving the face a dark shadow or is it going to have some type of robotic face underneath? You could pull of some really cool stylized stuff either way.


Thanks man,
i think im going to try both, i’m going to try doing like a robotic face, but i want it to be pretty dark…kinda like a combination on terminator, and assasins creed.


Here’s an update, im trying to get all the shapes about right then im going to take it into zbrush. still trying to think of different ideas for the hand too.


So, i got a little side tracked with some work. hoping to put a little more time into this now. i started zbrushing.


About to start the bookbag and straps.


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