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Hey guys this is my 1st DW, I’m doing the Demon Prince of Suffering, his story can be found below.

      Most Recent Update:


Ok so here is a little back story I came up with quckly the other night.

Name: None yet…
Race: Demon
Class: Prince
Height: 7’7"
Weight:327 lbs.

<Name>, was the Demon Prince of Suffering, and the ruler of 7 legions of Hell’s most frightful Demons.

 In battle, he was severely damaged, being split into 2 pieces at the waist by a Norm Warlords axe.  To save his soul he stole the souls of fallen Norms and Demons that were near his disfigured torso.  Using their life force, he temporarily mended his wounds, sustaining his life

for the time being.

 The Temporary “Seals” did not last long, and soon he had to kill more, until he was at a stage of almost constant killing, he is a true killing machine.  This has created a huge rift in his life, On the one hand he must steal Norm souls on a regular basis to sustain his Seals, this creates a great need for Norms race to stay alive.

 &lt;Name&gt; has become almost a vigilante, killing the Machines for the sake of preserving Norm lives that the machines so threaten.  Now being torn apart literally form the inside, the Seals holding less and less each time one is made, he has began to feed on the souls of his own Demon brethren.   His soul in anguish, he has, true to his title, become the opitomy of suffering.


Here are some concepts made with Alchemy, this is my 1st time using this tool, buts its really cool, i like it alot.

opinions on them would be appreciated thanks.


Hey Jett, #3 all the way! I think you can really play around with the idea of a separated torso, looking forward to updates


either 2, 3, or 4, would look bad ass.


Hey Jett,

Nice sketches and thumbnails.

I like a lot number 2 :smiley: but 3 nd 4 are really great too :slight_smile:
Looking forward for more updates! Cheers! :beer:


Updated Concepts sketches:


Looks good man, like I said keep refining the story–your character design and back story are unique so keep pushing. This is going to be an awesome year of DW!


I really like #4 but #3 is looking pretty good too.


Thanks for all the input guys, schools killing me right now but I’m going to try to finish concepting and get the base mesh mostly done by the end of this week… wish me luck!


Good luck jett!! would love to see his weapon much bigger tho so he can really pound the shit out of something!


Updated final outline of torso.

Not sure about the head tho… feels kind of generic… we will see.


Hey jett, I like the outline of the torso but I think you can do much better with the head for him, his head doesn’t look as imposing as the rest of him does. Keep at it dude!


Your thumbnails are stronger then the last version of the design, maybe you should try a more graphic and loose approach to rendering out your designs? Also, try to keep things dynamic and more asymetrical, the cloth could move to the side a by dash of the wind, one shoulder could be much bigger, the shoulderline could be tilted, one eye could be much bigger then the other one, stuff like that makes characterdesigns come to life…:slight_smile: Just my 2 cents, keep it up!



It’s coming, but like Greg said it’s not very intimidating. Human beings naturally fear the unknown; play with that, if you were to remove features or even give him a big iron helmet that conceals his head he may have more presence. Try to a profile of the head,too, he may have long, winding horns of strands of skin peeling off. Keep it up man.


Greg - im not the best at drawing or concepting… so it is kind of hard for me to get loose in my renders, lol. I’ll give it a whirl, my goal is to finish my base mesh this week so i want to pump out these concepts and be done with em.

I agree about the symmetrical monotony, i am not sure what i need to do, i think the stomach chest area is fine, but maybe i will change the arms, or armor.

as for the head goes, it’s almost impossible to create a “Demon Prince” head with looking like 1000 other designs, so im stumped on this right now, i will prolly just go the generec twirly horn look, hopefully i can make it work!

Thanks for the input guys, keep it comming


Made a new head concept, not sure about it yet but i like the horns.


Added some detail to the head i liked… im digging it so far.


Started modeling a base mesh:

if anyone has some tips for modeling all the chopped up fleshyness in the middle low poly that’d be appreciated, for now i plan on modeling the main flesh, then making Alpha’d Cards for the handing down intestines and grossness.


Hey Jett,

Nice updates :smiley: Like the head design for your character, cool!! About modeling advice… mmmm I´m too bad modeling … :smiley: Ok, you need tu subdivide more that polygon to bend it in a better form, for a more cloth look, only a comment :slight_smile: Cheers!! :beer: