DWIV - 3D - ihamid - Droojun


Surrealix : thnx man ! :beer:

ShamesArt : :slight_smile: heres an update !

StefanoDubay : its just a normal render from zbrush. and edited a bit in photoshop. played with the color balance and levels. Cheers!


Great work man! the armour is so cool, I really like that design :cool:


Look great…can’t wait to see more


Love it, very Epic in my opinion… and that can only be a good thing!


Maxter : thanks man! yeah it was a lot of experimenting on my part hehe.

illuzionizt : cheers! more updates to come

Seven : thanks … hope the final finished one turns out ok.


Looks good man! love the detail in the hires sculpt! keep it up man


Great work :slight_smile: You managed to transfer a lot of the fine details on to the lowpoly model. :applause:


Stutts : yeah trying to make the finish line , hopefully the next update will be the texturing phase.
MartinNielsen : thanks :beer:

Here is and update of the body details.


Pretty sick looking sculpt… or is that a normal map render?


QuantumPixel : thnx …nope its a zbrush render

here is the latest update now on to final stuff…good thing the deadline extension now i can finish it :bounce:


hey man, this is looking really good i like the sculpting and design a lot. ill be following to see the final version of this one…good luck man!


hey rattlesnake : done with the final … didnt do a lot of updates .

beauty shot!.. rest at the first post! :cool:


hey man , love the dramatic light u used make it look so real, congratulations man! good luck sir!

man did u got rid of the weapon? anyways looks great


hey rattle … yeah weapons didnt go with the character. so spent the remaining triangles detailing the model a bit. anyways with those foot spikes he doesnt need it :).


great work hamid, congratulation :thumbsup:


NICE! This guy turned out wicked! Well done and Good Luck!


Sweet armor design,it gives it really nice silhouette! :thumbsup:


The beauty shot is really nice. Good colors and lighting :slight_smile:


really like the armour design. and the angle on the right in the beauty shot look great


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