DWIV - 3D - Dargon - Demon Princess Thrăx-ha


Alright! Let’s do this thing!

                  I'm going to reserve this first post for posting whatever is the latest image, so you don't have to go though the whole thread to find the new stuff.
                  I'm going with Demons, with the Prince (princess I believe though) category.  For now I'm calling her Thrăx-ha.  I believe that with character creation, it's an important step to name you creation - it really helps to define their character as quick as possible.



First Sketches, playing a lot right now, but this is the general direction I want to go:


good sketches, i enjoy the demon princess idea, be careful about getting pulled into monotony though (demon princess has been done alot, but i guess so has cyborgs and people with magic :DD )

I’d love to see a great backstory for her, and of course some badass lava powers :smiley:

i especially like the head on the left of the page, 2nd one down, that is a very cool look.

Keep going!


I love where this is going. Lower left is my favorite. :slight_smile:


Like the tribal looking design on the bottom right, maybe add alittle more “demoness” to it =)
Very easy to read sketches tho nonetheless. Looking forward to seeing where this 1 is going


hey Dragon
i think about make demon proncess too, but im woried becous on DW is write “DEMON PRINCE” so its a male, and princess is female, so im confused:/ do u think its ok?


Here’s a little fuller version of my idea:

Basically, Thr[color=white]ăx-ha is a Demon Princess who is close to human in form, and could perhaps pass as one, if not for the tentacles sprouting from her back.

I’m liking where this is going, but I think I’m going to keep sketching for a while, to refine the idea…

[color=Wheat]@[/color][/color]jett12: I hope she’s a little more unusual now, I’ll get started writing a backstory after I’ve fleshed out her look a bit more…
@inqy: Thanks! I’m going to borrow mostly from the bottom 2, and spring-board from there…
@GregStrangis: More “Demoness” now?
@j4Q1: Pretty sure it’s OK, there’s been some indication from the FAQ threads that it’s cool…

Some sleep now, I’ll continue the sketches after work tomorrow!




Hey there… looks awsome, really like the idear about the spout tentacles… But what is the explanation of the sticks :smiley:


I really like this concept and where it’s going but I think it still needs further improvement. Without those tentacles she looks like an oriental girl with japanese bamboo swords. Maybe you could add some animal like features to her costume? :smiley:


Really good…the idea of the tentacles is very nice…And i love the armor designs. Keep it up buddy :applause:


Sweet idea,nice silhouette as always with tentacles:),like the top right one and bottom right one would be great if you could mix those two,could be interesting result.


you should bend the legs a little, at least one of them to give a floating presence. Her legs look a bit stiff right now, but great design overall.


Hi guys! Thanks for the comments!

@Vindicate: Thanks! The idea of the sticks were for them to be a bit “totem”-like, which she uses to navigate the swamp, and for combat
@VonMarsch: I’m going to really start working the armour now, get some tribal look to it.
@mrpeace: Thanks!
@nellement: I’ll keep that in mind as I work the details on the upcoming concepts.
@ROBOTTANK: I’ll keep that in mind, but I think the actual pose will be a bit different, more aggressive. Long way to go before that’s a major concern!




The new design looks sweet! Tentacles are sexy. Keep it up!


this is really cool , keep it up :buttrock:


Some more sketching, focussing on ideas and on the torso/head area. I have a favourite, let’s see if you guys pick the same:

As far as explanations, the headdress may or not be just the shape of her head, I’m undecided. The stuff on her shoulders and on some of them around her elbows, will be (with some refinement) spiney flesh.

Thanks for your comments guys! Keep them up!




Stunning work so far! I’m quite fond of the lower row 1st on the left, I believe its the eyes/ makeup pattern that pull me towards that choice. Also I’m a huge fan of the head dressings that you have been creating. I cant wait to follow your progress. Cheers!


I also prefer lower row, left. But they’re all good.


Hi Dave!
I like the top middle one the most!
Nice work!


nice! bottom row middle is my favorite