DWIV - 2D - Zephyri - Demon


Nice sketches… love the style in first set, it more readable…

In Demon Concepts 1… i liked the second sketch from left, the one with many arms, looks very evil
In Demon Concepts 2… i liked the one on extreme right and also the first one in bottom row

may be next time you can number those sketches, it will be easy to point out :wise:

Good going… looking forward for your w.i.ps


Looking good Sam, really like the first one :slight_smile:


my thumbs, that is…

anyhoo yours are looking schweet. liking the middle bottom design, seeing some kind of rider and beast there…!?

catch you later,



Second batch…

bottom row, centre and left for me. In particular the centre, their seems to be a regal quality and it almost looks throne like! v cool.


Hey! I like the loose feeling in the latest… Most of them hold some really nice qualitys but none of them feel complete. I like the middle one, but i dont think i read it as you ment to show it, i read that light dot under her (the face i think you ment to paint) shin as eyes, and the light thicker line beneath as throat and underneath is his thick arms crossed(or rather arms joined inside sleeves) over his chest. I thought that looked quite cool. Bottom left definately could be worked into something cool. Second from the right Looks like a fun creature, but no war material perhaps. Far rights head/neck looks really nice, though the legs dont speak to me. Keep it up, great stuff! :slight_smile:



Not bad at all :slight_smile: I think the bottom left and far right designs are both good starting points.


good ideas. i like far right. but maybe you need try some line art.


nice silhouettes - I like the middle one in the bottom row in particular!


Makes him look a bit creepy. Remember StarWars General Grievous. He lurks 'round, what makes him look even more insidious, dangerous.


I like the first set, especially the head - dark and spooky…


I actually like what direction you’ve taken with your demon Lord. I haven’t seen anyone that has incorporated the rules really well when it came to making the Demon Lord. I am looking forward to seeing more progress from you.


Namnocillis: Thanks for the feedback… and yeah, point taken, I’ll number them next time!
Daz: Cheers dude, still utterly envious of your challenge designs.
Kris:Thanks m’dear!
Stu: Cheers dude… gotta find me some time to work on them!
FrozzT: My thumbs at this kinda stage (a 20 minute effort on a lunchtime!) aren’t the clearest of things, and there’s never meant to be anything specific in them just me looking for interesting silhouettes. None of them have any real human features such as faces or arms in my head, but these kind of silhouettes it’s always interesting to hear other’s intepretations. My thanks for the in depth comment, much appreciated.
Martin: thanks for the feedback!
Nikolay: Linework will be next on the list. I have to make sure my overall shape is interesting before I get lost in details!
Magda: Thanks m’dear… awesome to see you in this challenge too!
Deadinthe Attic: ahah thanks… I get the feeling this guy will be a lurker, most definitely!
Simon: thanks! I have to admit I still like the very first head I did… though bodies perhaps from later sets… might have to try combining them!
Bryce: Thanks! Yeah, it’s always struck me that people don’t seem to pay too much attention to the rules of the breifs in these kinda contests, but I see it as if I’ve been given a task from an art director. Wouldn’t really do for me to whizz off and do whatever I feel like! Too many human parts getting into demon lords in this challenge for my liking, but each to their own, it’s good so many are taking part!

And here’s a couple of those last set of thumbs with a little more detail… I flipped the lower left design on its head after printing it out and seeing it upside down made it look a little less like Jason Chan’s demon piece, which I think must have been subconciously stuck in my head from somewhere!


Nice sketches.:thumbsup:
My prefer is the second sketch of concepts 3.
Keep it up :beer:


Terrific sketches Samantha, I love your style. The four legged demon lord from the 3rd concept sheet is definetly my favourite.
The other one is awesome too, but its hard for me to read it as a creature at first glance, since it has no obvious eyes/teeth/claws. It’s not a crit at all, I understand that making a demon with no human traits but still portraying emotion or intention in it is a hard task.

Well hope to see more of this great stuff, and best of luck to U!


OMG :eek: Samantha these are superb sketches, personally i like all of the concepts, can’t choose which one is better. So i’ll have to trust in your choise and see how it will turn out.
Great work, waiting for more! :beer:


Hi Samantha! :slight_smile: Very nice development! I really dig the upper body of the right one, kick ass! The crouch is also cool and i like the individual shapes of the parts of the leg but not positive about the full composition of the legs(is those eyes on the legs, awesome :p). Might be the pose i dunno… The left one has some cool features, though i think it looks to much like an object and not a living being right now. The hole in the middle i read as a mouth, creeepy mouth! :slight_smile: Keep it up, I’d love to see more!



Hi Sam,

Gonna have to say that the 4 legged beasty does for me at the moment but that 1st one has some other worldly thing about it that’s fairly disturbing so i’m kinda torn. If i had to choose i’d say numero one because its different and has a lot of potential.


The quadruped looks the best. Those tentacles really set it off nicely!

I like the way the main part of the body seems to emerge from the lower half.


Some nice stuff sofar! I do think the designs look a bit abstract sofar, looking for shapes is one thing, designing an actual character another one…you’ve got some insect influences, but also some very flowy curves that remind of an aquatic being. Try to create some borders for yourself when designing, as it limits the amount of directions you can take, and usually spawns more original Ideas. An insect appproach on a demon design is cool, but not very original. On the other hand, exploring the possibilities of a waterdemon is already alot fresher (instead of the usual firedemons), or maybe even a sky or earth demon. The quicker you narrow down your direction, the more original your designs will get…or that’s how I tend to work anyway :slight_smile:

But again, you’ve got a nice style, defenitely looking forward to seeing some more stuff soon!



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