DWIV - 2D - Zephyri - Demon


Decided to throw my lot in with you guys finally! Been a while since I’ve felt I have the time to invest in something like this, but can’t resist with a topic like this!

   At the moment, I'm leaning towards demon lords, if only because I've never really tackled something of this kind of scale and without the human aspect to it before. But the demon prince idea is still a strong pull. Right now just messing around with a feel, so nothing concrete by any means. And yup, I just discovered the joy that is Alchemy. I love that program so hard. 
   Comments and crits are all muchly welcome. 


awesome - really looking forward to your interpretation Samantha!:cool:


Cheers Magda! Are you joining this time round? Knowing your mad 3D skills, I’d love to see something from you!


Hi! Nice roughs :)… That right one, not sure if im reading it right but it looks like a very organic plantlike fleshy thing, cool… and with the face i imagine an evil anoying little minion hehe. Too early to give any solid feedback really, i’ll wait for some more stuff… keep it up!



some nice forms :slight_smile:


Hey Samantha,

Really cool sketches and concepts, great! :slight_smile: All the best and looking forward for more updates! :smiley:


I really love that first design, The flow and the disjointed ‘tusks’ that swirl around in what could be a head. Great stuff, I look forward to seeing how you develop it.


great concepts Zephyri keep it up :slight_smile:


Coool style maaan!!! :thumbsup:
Keep it up!!


It’s about time Sam! :stuck_out_tongue: Liking those initial thumbs, let’s see what twisted stuff develops from your mad weee mind. I.m back from up north now so i’ll be on this thing asap :slight_smile:


FrozzT: thanks! And yeah… I’m thinking a kind of organic looking mix of boney surface and soft fleshy stuff!

lightcache: cheers!

Ferx: thanks!

Inqy: Yeah… this is a bit different for me, but I’m really looking forward to being able to flesh it out!

Alekzsander: Thanks, will do!

Kashivan: Thanks mate!

Stu: Cheers dude! I need your email address should you happen to check this, but I’ll go post on yours too, just incase!


Thats looking really cool Sam! I look forward to seeing your final piece :slight_smile:


Hey Z,

Naturally, so far - noice! Know you’ve got plenty of designs to come, lookin forward to seeing where you take this…

hopefully wont be too long till my thumbnails go up, should give you a laugh :wink:

catch you tomorrow,



Kavi: cheers dude!

Kris: Ahah this is like Jagex who’s who. grin Lemme know once your thumbs go live.

A few more thumbnails… still got to work these ones up a little more though.


Nice sketches… love the style in first set, it more readable…

In Demon Concepts 1… i liked the second sketch from left, the one with many arms, looks very evil
In Demon Concepts 2… i liked the one on extreme right and also the first one in bottom row

may be next time you can number those sketches, it will be easy to point out :wise:

Good going… looking forward for your w.i.ps


Looking good Sam, really like the first one :slight_smile:


my thumbs, that is…

anyhoo yours are looking schweet. liking the middle bottom design, seeing some kind of rider and beast there…!?

catch you later,



Second batch…

bottom row, centre and left for me. In particular the centre, their seems to be a regal quality and it almost looks throne like! v cool.


Hey! I like the loose feeling in the latest… Most of them hold some really nice qualitys but none of them feel complete. I like the middle one, but i dont think i read it as you ment to show it, i read that light dot under her (the face i think you ment to paint) shin as eyes, and the light thicker line beneath as throat and underneath is his thick arms crossed(or rather arms joined inside sleeves) over his chest. I thought that looked quite cool. Bottom left definately could be worked into something cool. Second from the right Looks like a fun creature, but no war material perhaps. Far rights head/neck looks really nice, though the legs dont speak to me. Keep it up, great stuff! :slight_smile:



Not bad at all :slight_smile: I think the bottom left and far right designs are both good starting points.