DWIV - 2D - TuBui - NA


Chao!!! (hi in Vietnamese)

  This war is gonna be so............................... wowwww
  Dont know the heck I'm going to do, so just sketches for now.



random sketches
maybe a demon lord?, maybe not since too many artist pick demon lord already


I like it :wink:


nice nice:) i dig it


Sick dude! One of the coolest starts I have seen on a thread! Subscribing to this 1 :surprised


I agree with GregStrangis, great start! :buttrock:
I’m looking forward to see more of your works! :beer:


Thats sick :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


thanks all for the motivation!
some more sketches

that’s it for now until conceptart.org workshop ends


Good work so far :slight_smile: The tentacles look great with this concept :slight_smile:



The description say = “Norms are sentient beings of various races who have been in the galaxy for thousands of years. They all possess heartbeats and they all reside in a single natural dimension that is the Dominance War universe.”

I’m thinking to do an human born angel. With a specific final illustration in mind = the angel calls for help from heaven, heaven vs hell battle.

Will that go against the description? Have anybody went through or seen similar situation? Please shine some lights for me.

Anyways, light angel and dark angel sketch


Brilliant concept and great start to the DW. Looking forward to more stuff from you



i really like the demon lod with the green background in the first sketches… really cool forms.

but the heaven vs hell illustration sounds also very interesting, i’d be interested about this too… if we can show more than one character … but focus ours…

would love to use some concepts from other chars in the background, or for some fighting against…

keep it up cool sketches! more!


The first concept was great! Keep it up, the direction and style is pretty appealing.


Really appreciate the yall kind words.

Since a kazillion people are going for Demons, I want to go opposite of that = Angel.
Im not sure if that is acceptable though, because I dont see angel anywhere on the description/rules.

If I cant do angel, demon hunter is fine too…

Ice Demon Hunter -

Demon Hunter


Don’t forgot, a Norm can be Alien,werewolf,elf,dog w.e so I am sure an Angel or a human with wings would be fine :wink: I like the ice 1 personally, both look sweet tho


some different version of the next to last sketch. Thought the pet would be cool if its’ head was originated from a huge creature.

some random sketch

I got tempted to go back to the first demon and paint the background.


Nice I really like your latest updates! Keep working on it! :smiley:


Thanks man,A little update on the Angel herself, decided to design her armor/clothe from front view, to see it better.


Ah, co dong huong roi ne! (Vietnamese)
Your sketchs is so good! I like the proportion and the costume!
Let’s make our country the winner this time!!!
Come and visit my Dominance war thread HERE!!


hey man you ain’t playin do you:cool:
i really like what you got so far, this has so much potential and i trust you will make some fantastic character !goodluck