DWIV - 2D - tokaru - Lord demon suncoatl


here is my starting thumnails


some update


some wip dudes i guess im gonna enter the 3d challence also. but i really want something very diferent fron a demon.


Really liking the face detail you have going on for this one, and the dual arms are a nice alien touch too. I’d love to see the anatomy played about with a bit more… make him feel more godly, rather than just plain human? The arms are definitely going in the right direction though. Nice start!


your demon sketches in first post look very strong. also head is very creepy which means very good. i’d like to see moredevelopment on your character.


you’ve got a really nice flow going with your first bunch of sketches.
I especially like the 1st one’s global silhouette and the arms on the one below it, the double arm is a nice idea and the longer arm on the other side balance it out quite well. Something you’re losing a bit with the latest sketch, which is a bit too symmetrical.
I’m not too found of the top part of your head design which reminds me a bit of a chihuahua :blush:


update. thx guys for your comments here is an update. i add a lot more design elements .
like the skull ant the tentacles behind its back


Hey,Good idea, I like the details for the face and overall is a strong character,
Just a comment…perhaps the skull at the middle of the body could be blending with the ribecage or thorax?,


Awesome design, i agree, strong character. :thumbsup:

There is just one cent from me.
I would suggest to change his pose a little bit. Maybe bend him more forward, otherwise it looks like those tails on his back are too heavy for him to hold and are somewhat pulling him back. I hope U understand what i mean :smiley: My english isn’t as good as i wanted it to be :smiley:

Anyway i love your style and concept. Keep up the good work.
I’m looking forward to see how this will turn out.
Good luck mate :beer:

~ Armand


Looking great so far. Keep it up



thx for your coments guys i just have start to think in my final ilustration im not very good with colors son is kind of hard to me. but by the way il show you some progress


well im almost done my entry im hope 2 0r 3 days more


que onda tokaru!, juraria que te havia venido a comentar pero supongo que se borro cuando se callo el servidor o algo raro paso.

great character you’ve done so far :smiley: can’t wait to see it finished, do you have a background story for him already?

anyways keep it up! :arteest:

perdona que hable ingles con un compatriota pero asi lo requiere la cominidad :smiley:


Hey Man! I like how you are rendering the last image. Some really cool skin tones and stuff.

In the image right above it, where he is in context, with a background here are some thoughts. Right now it feels very busy, so it’s hard to focus on the character. So you can try different things to tone down the background and bring the character to the viewers focus. You can add some atmosphereic perspective. (where things in the background get desaturated and less contrasty. And you can make your main guy more saturated and more contrasty.

Also, a cool way to get your initial colors is to make your base image black and white, with strong values, and then add layer above in photoshop and set the layer to COLOR. Then you can just have fun adding colors. YOu can have as many color layers on top as you want. Then, when you like your base, you can merge them and paint ontop of that, depending on how you like to work.

Keep it up dude!


thx dude yes you did but actually it was at my 3d entry this is my 2d entry.

actually i have a history but is just to fill the gap.

thx 4 the advice dude.


hi this is my final ilustration.


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