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Hey All,

These are my final images. At some point you just have to call it done! I’ve learned so much doing this competition, so it was well worth it! I’m now going to enjoy some much needed rest! Shalom!


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So I’ve had a little bit of time to develop the look of my norm warlord. I am also developing his story, but more on that later:)
I’m very excited to see all the work everybody is doing!

Here are some initial doodles.

I’ve also worked on a more refined thumbnail to start problem solving his armor. At this time, a lot of the details are missing, but this captures a little bit of the direction I want to take with him.

I plan on posting weekly with actual updates. But I will check back often to answer questions and enjoy feedback! Thanks!


you are very good at anatomy and armor silhouettes. first and second figures in first row are great. also 2nd of 2nd row is the most different one. no weapon, just shield, or shields as weapon. liked a lot.
in your last figure (big one) he has a very strong pose with his cloak and lion-head. also i’d like to see some action sketches of this character.
btw, after some progress you can find something to make it more original, it’s just a matter of time.
keep going!


great stuff!

I also like number 2 in both rows. dual shield weilding - that’s pretty original :slight_smile:


the best i’ve seen for now x)


Hey all! Thanks for the replies. I will not be going with the dual shield character, though I do agree that it has a strong silhouette. However, it does not fit the character’s story.

I’ve been trying to develop the armor design recently as I feel that is the most challenging part of this character. There are so many armored character designs out there that it is very hard to be original. So we’ll see. I think I will decorate his armor with some intricate designs and details.

I am also playing around with some ideas for his crown. Because my character is not just a warlord but also a king. And of course, his sword has had zero thought at this point. I am trying to develop the sword design into something a lot more fun and satisfying. I will have a huge progress update by sunday evening or monday morning coming up. So stay tuned!



Does anybody know if the final 2D image can have your character in battle against his enemies? Or is the final image suppose to be just a picture of your character? Thoughts?


really cool stuff looking forward to c how u r going to finish it. and for the final piece its completely up to u… an action pose would do


2 and 6 or 4 and 6 together could be cool in my opinion,nice sketches


WOw your last sketch is awesome dude this is really great, ohh and from the first sketches from left to righ my favourite is #4 but #6 has an interesting shape.


Beautiful sketches. I love the dual shield wielding man. The rendition of the man with the lion shoulder il clean and cool. Keep it up.


I’m very happy to hear that the final piece can have your character in action against his opposition. That can make for a really thrilling composition!

Thanks for the comments, I am developing some other refined thumbnails at the moment and will have them posted either Sunday evening or on Monday.

Thanks for stopping by!



Hi there,

Really cool concepts here.
My personal favourites are the 1st and 8th. :thumbsup:
Keep up the good work, and good luck to you :beer:


Nice thumbs and first rendition! All looks very solid and clean, but I can’t help but feel that it’s all a bit standard. I think you’ll have to push your idea, because you defnitely have the skills to do someting visually stunning. Do you have a backstory for this character? This helpes tremendously when developing a character…and it would be cool if he’s in the middle of something, actually doing something, instead of posing…:slight_smile: Also, maybe add a mount or pet he interacts with or something, having a relation between 2 characters also helps alot!

but, as with so many threads, you too are probably just warming up :slight_smile:



Edwin! I appreciate your honesty! I completely agree with you:) That is the challenge for this character is that armored characters are very common and thus difficult to come up with original designs for. So I am most certainly developing that.
I do have a backstory in the works. All I can say at this point is the character is of royalty. So his armor must be very extravagant and unique.
I was considering giving him a powerful white horse with rippling muscles! But I don’t want it to steal the show, so we’ll see.
I am also working on some different poses and angles to find the best way to present him. I am interested in having him in battle against the demonic hordes in my final image. We shall see!

Thanks again!


Hey Matthew,

Really nice thumbnails and sketch. Agree with rehmrev :slight_smile: and think the same, you have the skills to make a incredible concept for sure :slight_smile: Part of the fun on this challenge is to explore new directions and variations, and your idea for the horse sounds really cool. Again, great work and cant wait to see more updates! :smiley: Cheers!! :beer:


Wow! I really like your style. He’s got a strong stance, good proportions, and very interesting suit and armor. That is something I always have trouble with, suiting up my characters, but you seem to have worked out some nice layers that seem to protect, fit comfortably, and let him move about. I also love the huge straight blade. The giant curved blade with funky designs around the base is becoming a bit too cliche. Yours is like a broad-bastard sword. Nice.

A lot of the silhouettes are awesome, with good armor, but you have taken the right direction, I think. Good job and good luck. Yours will definitely be one I keep an eye on


Thanks! I’ll do my best to make it unique!

Thanks for all the encouragement everybody!


When it comes to exaggerations. Whether the sword, the armor or whatsover. This comic-like style of exaggeration makes him look powerful. Keep on going.


Hey matt. I’m liking some of the stuff going on, but wondering how functional the super long straight hat is. It looks like it’d fall right off the moment he moves his head. Also, all the ribbonlike cloth moving around is pretty cool, but his pose looks extremely static. You might want to see what a more dynamic pose could do to help tell the story behind this character.

Nice progress! keep it up! One of these days I’ll do a DW entry…lol!