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this is my first participation on DW. i am very exciting and i`ll do my level best.
good luck to you all

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HIRES version on page 12

Final Illustratio!!! :scream:
Thanks to you all and good luck!!!

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Since the Norms were pushed back entirely to their cities, they reinitiated an old nature magic. It enables them to eliminate their foes already far in the heartland. Since this magic demands the sacrifice of a newborn human being, it was forbidden ages ago and disappeared into oblivion. Only the great despair that came with the beginning of the Fourth Dominance War gave reason to revive the disputed magic.

Clericon: Cyclamen

Right after birth, the newborn child must be poisoned with a cyclamen and left in a magical stone circle on a hill in the heartland.
After some months, nature takes posession of the child and grants him tremendous power – the power of nature and life. Part animal, part human, part plant, the cyclamen grows out of the soil.
A single glance is enough to transform the life energy of the attacker into nature’s energy.

From time to time, the parents or relatives of the once human child come to present oblations. However, except for a few characteristics, the cyclamen does not have any humane features. It has now become a part of nature. It can reach an age of over 500 years before it withers.

concepts are coming soon…


some very quick sketches
my idea is to equip the cyclamen with huge moose horns…


searching forms


i added some details. and thinking about the main structure of the cyclamen and how it is connected with the ground. My next step is to elaborate the creatures head (finaly i can draw some details:) )


Lol cant belive no one has commented on this,

awsome stuff , original concept to say the least :thumbsup:

Lucky youre not going for 3D because of the tri count ^^

Good luck mate, nice work


This is a great concept, I think I would try mixing up the look in the thumbnails though, the tops,they all seem too similar. I like the Shaman feel to a few of them. Nice work and good luck!


Kharn-ivor: thank you for the first post:beer:

[color=Red]Chachi: [color=#fffffe]thank you. yeah your right the thumbs are all too similar. i`m working on the upper part of the body.


sketching around to free my mind- and now i will go to bed…


Insanely cool stuff! The story is well thought out and the excecution is neat. Well done :slight_smile:


great story! it will be delightful to watch it’s progress i’m sure. give us more :smiley:


hey guys thanks…

i worked on the upper part of the body and tried some different looks… please help me to decide…


…and here is number 4.

on the left side you can see how the bodys would be connected to the ground…

critics and comments are most welcome!



Looks good !crazy:eek:


great style man keep up the good work, it´s still veryt rough so i don´t have any crits right now.


You’ve got some great things going on in here, I can’t wait to see them translated into 3d.


Thanks Adam but i have to disapoint you, they all rest in only two dimensions:)


hi there
i wasn`t quite happy with the silhouette of my character, therefore i made again some thubnails. i think one ore two are worth continuing… which is your favorite?


hi Mraaflaub . the 10 looks interesting , great silhouette


I’m new all over the place to cg society and the posting. I also painfully missed the 2d in the title of your thread.

I think you should pick 3 or four of these silhouettes and develop them more. They all have potential.