DWIV - 2D - CYLStudio81 - DemonLord


Hi everyone, just started this thread, will post WIP soon, hopefully I won’t let the team down this time around. BTW is it ok that I name the demon lord later on, or do I have to name it right now? I am really not good at picking names :stuck_out_tongue:


First drafts for demon lord, still very rough busy playing around with the direction, will just have to make it up as I go heh, all C&C are welcome :slight_smile:


Hey mate very nice concepts youve made :slight_smile:

Top right hand one is the best one for me its the most original with no real human features, great stuff!

Good luck with the rest



The one on the top right reminds me of a giegeresque character like “aliens”. Very cool concepts, good luck!


cool style


Like the style of work you are doing.Can not wait to see the end product.:applause:


Hi everyone, thanks for all the support so far, believe it or not but it really helps me in taking directions. Here is a quick update on the demon lord, still playing around with all sort of things, will c how it goes as the concept progress, all c&C are welcome :wink:


WOW! that is awesome great shape man the concept is really sick, can´t wait to see more progress


I like your last sketch, very demonic and inspiring.
You got a nice style too, keep it up!


Yes, really awesome brush work! What color scheme do you plan on implementing?


Well that worked out bloody nicely :thumbsup:

This guy is fire based right ?

I like the wings on the back make him look almost like an angel gone wrong

Nice work this should be a great entry.



Great concept looks sick! Your entry in the mini was awesome as well dude, can’t wait to see how this plays out


Wow, awsome concept work. Looks like an original idea.


these are looking great. I really like the arachnid feel to the latest ones.
Will be watching this post for more progress! keep up the great work!


top right one is my fave,really nice form


Nice concepts man!


Great work, can’t wait to see the final. I think this one could work for an earth, fire, or ice elemental.


amazing~!! wonderfull shape there XD


Hey man, sweet start. I think that last close up looks delicious, i dont think the entire design in the full image is as thought through and interesting though, to much busy shapes that needs more work. I understand you havent finished your design yet just thinking out loud… His outer shoulder area and the beasts on his sides could use some work… Awesome stuff so far, just keep pushing that design and it’ll be crazy! :slight_smile:

Keep it up,



Oh you are Awesome…