DWIV - 2D - CGS_yakonusuke - Purification


Hey CGSteam!

So i’m officially in this war!
I will start posting my stuff soon. Just have to decide which direction to go… hmm

So, let’s win this slaughter!


Hoi Yako!
Looking forward to your finished entry. :smiley:

Ich tippe mal darauf, dass du nach der Steampunkt-Challenge die Nase voll von Maschinen hast…so gehts nämlich mir. :wink:
Viel Glück.


Hey Phil! Yeah , I guess I rather choose the demons :smiley:
Thank you! I’ll do my best as usual!


My first sketches to get in the flow.
The rider is supposed to be a demonprince . He sits on a mount composed of lots of corpses
and dead flesh. The beast pulls a bunch of corpses , maybe fallen soldiers or just naked dead humans or something like that.

The other guy on the right is my first attempt for a demonlord.

I keep on searching.


looking really good! I think you might want one to stick out more then the other, as is they both draw a lot of attention to them selfs. for being your first ideas it’s great :bounce:

PS: Stupid me…ha! I just read your comment, sorry, your doing great.


Hey yako,

I’m totally digging the rider at the top, would be great to see some more detailed sketches.

As for the one on the left… He’s way too generic in my eyes, you can do a lot better in terms of extravagance!

Keep going!


great sketches! top one has a cool concept and details. i’m really curious about how the mounts body will look like :drool:


first one, Great work. I like both directions mounted and demon lord (I also like the bad side more :D). I am with the comments above, maybe a mounted demon sounds more original, but I like both sketches, it would be difficult for me to take one :rolleyes: .

Again great work.


Tried deleting this and don’t know how :stuck_out_tongue: Please look at my next post :S


My first reply didnt seem to work so apologies if it it posts twice! I love your demon prince idea and the steed lends itself to some cool possibilities so id pursue that direction :slight_smile:




I’m also working on a demon lord, but I’m undecided if he should be mounted on a creature. Concepts are great, good luck.


my favourite is the demon lord, i like his huge horn and that evil smile. The demon prince is cool, too. I also choosed a mounted creature, a very small guy on a large beast, but at the moment i worry about putting to much detail on the beast.


The rider! :love:
I think every second thread I see here has a demon lord in it. :wink:


Go with the mounted character :slight_smile:


Hey thanks, guys! yea… I also tend to the rider& mount- maybe I’ll stick to that.
But first another sketch of it. I added some elements of the demonlord-sketch, which I liked. Maybe I also find a good place for the flagthing … or just as fabric wrapped around something.


Some ideas for the head of the mount.


Really love your rendering style. keep it up.

Partial to the piggish snout mount head. Beak is close second.


Wow I love the animal thing, but I think your dude looks a wee bit too much like a ‘norm’ at the moment, but the mount is pure win xD!


also love these silhoutes! i’m really bad at those myself…

such a pleasure to look at! i like the left detailed version most, looks alot demon. but your rider is a human(norm) i see?


Those sketches are great, I love them, especially the second one, in the middle.
I agree with syrez-one about the rider, he looks like a Norm more than a daemon lord, there’s nothing wrong with it, maybe a Norm is a good idea? Whatever you decide on, it’s coming with a bang!