hi,everyone~what a war!
I want to make a cyborg or a war machine so far,to protect the sector maybe~story haven’t been finished yet~:P
however,i have some questions about cyborg:
It’s a “comprised of living body parts fused together with mechanical additions”,so could the “living body parts” be any living creatures like animals or even an organ?
It didn’t mention it’s size, so could it be very large as a boss-size?
I would be appreciate if someone could tell me!:bowdown:Thank you!









some sketches~give me some advice:bowdown:

Is this an old idea?it just came to my mind so directly…

Could a cyborg be as big as this size?:curious:


hmm, i’ve never imagined a non-human shaped cyborg. i guess animal cyborgs are ok. which organ are you planning to use?


Cyborg is a mix between artificial and what humans are. So you would be making a cyborg, but can you mix a “norm” and a robot? is that allowed?


Good question. I think it is but no magic allowed for them because they arent fully organic.
Oh yeah and I like it dude :drool: I cant wait to see the final product.


o~i see~thanks for reply!

ersinerturk: i think~…the organ is…brain!~ha,kidding~maybe just a head…
kblackwd: i thought so but,wiki says that the original meaning should including not just human so…is it the same meaning here? And i won’t mix it with “Norm”,it can’t use magic.Thanks for reminding!
Omnidzyne: I think so,ha~Thank you!

here’s still some sketch and an animal cyborg attempt,could it be?~and give me some advices,thank you!


From Wikipedia: A cyborg is a cybernetic organism (i.e., an organism that has both artificial and natural systems).

So, to be clear, a cyborg doesn’t necessarily have to have human characteristics…

Looking good so far - sketches have a “Ghost in the Shell” feel.


some sketches improved
and still a question: Can a cyborg be as big as this(top left)?

and i thought about the story,i found that it fits Valkyrie well!~this war,could be Ragnarök(final destiny of the gods),machines are the gods of mechanical century~and before the war, these unique girls are chosen by the gods to armmed as unique senior cyborgs(Valkyrie).Valkyries are top fighters,and they go to war field to pick the dead creatures to rebuild them as normal cyborg fighters,to fight for the gods(machines),eliminate other living things…i may change its name for Valkyriel,ha(-riel for holy,saint~i remember)

still the story could be more complete,ha~but the design should be most important~
i’m still wondering whelther this one had appeared?does it have something wrong?could it be something else?
Comment and Critque are very welcome!~thank you!


molynext:ye~i really like GIS~ but it won’t be good if this looks too simulate…ha


the concept sounds great to me :slight_smile: i also like you silhouettes, especially the cyborg-centaur shapes look promising… They’d also fit very good to your story, as valkyries were mounted i think


Thank you for reply!~I just still don’t know whether a cyborg could be so big as a war machine?
Would it be confused with war machines?


still don’t have clear image~just some doodle on one of them~
Does it look unoriginal or have appeared somewhere else?(i’m not so sure)
How do you feel about it? Tell me what you think~


maybe it could turn into war machine if big size cyborg is not allowed~

i don’t want to tie my thought so soon~some other sketches
Which do you think is better? What changes can i do? Give me some thoughts~thank you!


#'s 1, 4, and 7 are hot. I’m curious see them developed just a little.


Ah~ i see. i may develop #1 for war machine~
however,how’s the previous one?Did something simulate appear before?


some develop on #1~ seems not so close to it… how’s?


I like it!, I think the scale is more for a war machine than a cyborg, but is great. :thumbsup:


o~yea,stridiggio,thank you! maybe i still like to try a cyborg~ maybe i would develop more on the previous one~the only doubt about it is that whether it’s original enough…


very nice
i wouldn`t go back to the first one… like you said the design looks too familiar it reminds me of a pod-racer in Episode I. i like the big war machine i can formaly see how it moves…
keep goning:thumbsup:


Great start.I like doodle 5.
Good luck and lots of fun!