DWIV - 2D - Baron Impossible - Evil Eye



                  I thought for at least 20 minutes about the theme for this one, and that's a long time for me. This is what I've come up with so far. I'll be building some sort of story around it, no doubt, so it's still pretty loose.
                    Norms: Clericon. My character, as yet nameless, was born with the power of the evil eye. When prepared, he can conjure such terror from his gaze he can stop a man's heart and strike fear into the most powerful of demons. Combining with <insert name here> of the parasitic race <and another one here> his power has been increased a thousand-fold. Now he can take on entire armies or even, just possibly, bring down a Demon Lord.
                   I'm counting the parasite as the Powerful Magic Weapon, on account of there's nothing to say it can't be, well, a parasite.
                   This WIP of a WIP of three concepts of a sketch (or whatever we have to do) is a quick bit of fooling around, to give the idea. This is nothing like he's going to look :)


My idea for the final piece, which may not come across in the concepts, is that the parasite enables him to project a huge ghost-image of his face - and his Evil Eye - in the air above his head. I guess I’ll include some special upward-reaching tentacles for that, because in such matters tentacles are essential.


Wow, very Cthulian. I love it!


You got the same idea … almost.
Hell, and I thought, this idea would be unique.


I dig the tentacles. Looking forward to seeing where this goes…:arteest:


waw… nice idea, I love this one :smiley:


Hey Simon,

Your idea sounds really cool, like the parasite idea, and the simbio relation can have great potential :smiley: All the best and looking forward for more of your sketches!! Cheers!! :beer:


Sweet Simon! Good sketch and promising idea. Plus, shrimp-squid critters definetly suit you in these character-based challenges :thumbsup:. Now go bring us a gold medal mate!


Great concept, i really digg the “demon on my back” type monster your have there.


that s totally sick man… love the idea… pirates of the Caribbean influenced?


Cheers guys, I’ll try and get a few more concepts done today or tomorrow. Titan - I’m embarrased to admit I’ve never seen PotC - maybe I should now! My inspiration was actually a book I read ages ago, one of the Thomas Covenant series, in which one of Covenant’s foes - called Kasreyn of the Gyre - had a parasitic creature called a croyel attached to his back which enhanced his powers.


looks great man…keep pushing the concept…


Scary stuff! Great concept! Keep up the good work;)


OK, here’s a second concept. Much the same as the first, really. It needs a bit more dynamism. My next one will have tentacles wrapped around his legs as well as the bandages. I also had the idea that the parasite-projected face could be made entirely of tentacles although I don’t know if I’ve got the willpower to do that (not to mention the character profiles and whatever else).


Awesome, will follow this one for sure!
Composing the big face out of tentacles sounds like loads of work…but maybe it’s worth it?


Great design!


Hey Simon,

Cool sketch. The concept of making the parasite face wiith tentacles is really original :smiley:
Great work, looking forward for more updates! Cheers! :beer:


Very nice designs. The second one looks even better to me. Very demonic :slight_smile:


Really nice Simon, keep bringing it to life.


For me the idea with the projection is great… like it… But I don`t know if it would be better with tentacles. :shrug: