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Hi to all who come here!

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From my first post:

" Hi to all who come here!

Today my first day off for last 2 months. Because I sick today. The heat what to do? O, yes, I forgot about DW! I have started to think of my character approximately one month ago but had no minutes what to start to draw, only fast sketches on napkins during a dinner (but no, one I have done when it’s only start, it’s here).

I am now ready to die of weariness and feel of dream kills my brain. Stop on today.

Eighteen hours I only drew and drew and have drunk tens cups of tea with a lemon. My doctor will kill me. But all right! It is DW!

I post sketches (in first post now). And the front view (a sketch and a stage on which I have just stopped).

It was done in first day of DW, I was only finding the idea:

Front view:

Tomorrow I plan to show ammunition of the character. I hope I will tell what she does, her ability and what happed with her. The big history.

I hope I will have time to finish this character. "

Small update


big start!! i really like the idea enjoying what you have, hope you can finish this but the way your painting this is fast and it looks great…i wish i could paint this fast. KEEP GOING!!


Last two days I worked over this picture. If you have some words to tell - speak! Oh, pardon - write!

And I take some printscreens in progress.

And - Thank you Peter!


looks cool, I like the camera and lens.
A couple of things; her head is too big for her body, also, you should widen her shoulders, it looks like she has no collarbone, her arms almost look like they are attached to her neck. Lastly, she doesn’t seem to have any hips, try to add some curve and define them a bit more. At first glance I thought she looked like a straight line up and down, no curves at all, hope this helps a little… overall, I like the composition and colors used.


Ye, In modellers sheet I will correct all bugs, thanks for your remarks. Soon I will show it, there will be visible what with her hands)


Unfortunately I absolutely don’t have time anymore .


Sketches from the first post. There now only last images.







It was done in first day of DW, I was only finding the idea:


good work man, I like the layout.


i think the head is a little big :slight_smile:
but i like your composition good lucky


Thanx my friends!


:arteest:very very nice job , you did … i like you character Design … keep going… :bounce:


Thank you!


great works uve got there,love the concept and the exercution:)i hope u go real far with this entry of urs! good luck


I hope ) Thanks Michael! Your machine is great! Like your work and good luck you too!


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