DWIV - 2D - Amaroo - Clericon Maiya


I am very excited to be part of such a great event. Hope to have enough spare time to finish what I have started.
I am pretty much into cute girl characters and cartoon stylization, so that’s what I hope to achieve with this one.

           I already have some idea about my character, her skills and magic powers, but need to think the whole thing over a little bit more, before sharing my story with you.

                FINAL WORK:


My first sketch of Maiya…

Another pretty quick sketch, showing the character in a different pose.


My character Maiya is supposed to be a forest creature, a mutant or perhaps a pixie, that has strong nature magic abilities, she is also able to heal herself when in need and has certain tools to fool her foes and daze them with the use of false tentacles, attract them with her bright colors and leave them breathless with her beauty. She is alluring but merciless, her mind set is rather primitive and based on instincts.

So here are some of the references I am going to use and base my character upon. I often make these ref sheets, when I need to create something specific, because that gives me the opportunity to focus better and always have my refs ready. My basic inspiration themes for now are - rio carnaval costumes, butterflies and flowers.


here is my first color sketch with a little bit more detail, just trying different things to see what is working best for my idea


Too good work… keep going , i like:surprised your Basic concept :cool:


If you need some more references, just look for illustrations by Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell (now married with Vallejo) or perhaps Frank Frazetta. They created characters resembling yours.


Nice to see another clericon here… Good concept! those vibrant colours will look really great with this character…


looks like your off to a good start there is something that bothers me and thats the head. Its stuck rigidly on a vertical center axis, and considering the flowing nature of her light touch mounting the log, it seems extremely out of place. especially with the hair just sort of hovering. lower the head or break the axis i think would be a relatively minor fix that does a lot.


thank you for the support, guys!
my concepts still lack a lot of detail and originality, I am afraid, but I am still searching for the right ideas

peteywaz - you are absolutely right about the head, I should correct the line of her posture with my next post


been a while since my last post, but here are some quick costume thumbs


I think you have some nice going on here :slight_smile: I don’t be too worried about the lack of originality in your character. It seems to me, most of the entries that do well, are the ones that are executed best.


some update of my character
this is a wip of my concept illustration piece
everything is very loose right now, and could be changed at any moment


a work in progress shot
I am pretty glad we all have another week to finish up, otherwise I would not have enough time for mine


a more refined WIP


Here is what so far I call my Concept Sheet entry for the contest.


update on the illo


Okey, I am finally done.

It was an exciting month, and I am very pleased I did participate and did not drop out on the way to the final.
Good luck to everybody, I already have my favorites and keeping my fingers crossed for them!


here is a close up of a previous working version (original working size)


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