DWIV - 2D - Ajenyon - Demonhunter


EDIT: Latest image upload:

Looks like there are going to be a lot of demons around, so I’m going for a demonhunter!

Just done some scribbles for a Norm (Faerie) / Invoker class character - comments welcome.

Think I’ll probably choose elements from each one of these, rather than going to a single design in it’s entirety.



A bit of development. I like the costume on the left, and the pose on the right. Still needs refining, and the cgtalk colours.


i liked the second one on top with the glowing eyes, really feels like someone who can hunt down demons…personally i think that the horns could be quite distracting and a give away for an hunter, Good going!


Fair enough - I was going for a ‘wild hunt’ theme (the dangerous side of faerie), but I guess you’ve got a good point.

Here’s a new version, based on the image you pointed out (the glowing eyes):

It turned out with a ‘gypsy’ feel to it, which I quite like.

What do people think?



Its much better now, i like those items which you have added on the dress… cool!
only thing that is bothering me is the proportions… not sure if that is what you intend to have in mind

Anyways, Good going…


New sketch - trying to add a bit more ‘character’. I think this is the one I’m going to go with, since time is pressing on, and I need to start the final illustration.

Comments welcome.



Final image WIP - be interested to know if it’s ‘reading’ properly.


Yes it reads good and it has a great point of view. keep it up !


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