DWIV - 2D - aeonseraph - Omnisferatu


Hello everybody,

Iv’e decided to join in this wave of creativity together with CGSociety team just like the last year. I just hope that this year i won’t have any surprises and will be able to finish my entry.
At least for now i have some free time so i will use it for creating some art. And it’s been a while since i did something of that sort.

It’s nice to see that my CGS Insignia is being used this year too, cool :slight_smile: I’m glad U guys like it.

Here is current status of my Dominance War IV Entry:

Concept Sheet [COLOR=Yellow](In Progress)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Orange]Modeling Sheet (In Progress)
Final Illustration(In Progress)
Text Image(On Hold)[/COLOR] 40% Completed


95% Completed Final Illustration:

90% Completed Modeling Sheet:

95% Completed Concept Sheet:


Here goes the first sketches.
This year i will use a different style and aproach.
I will ad character description sometime later.

Now i am playing with lights and shadows for this piece, i will finish it soon so stay tuned for updates.
And BTW good luck to you all fellow comrades! :arteest:


Here goes version with quick lights and shadows.

EDIT : I polished it a bit more.


Its a nice start and I like the character.
You might wanna care with some of the human characteristics since a demon lord shouldnt possses much of it (legs arms maybe).


Sorry, i didn’t quite get what you meant by that.
Did you mean that it needs to be more human?
I didn’t notice in the rules that Demon Lord should be humanoid.
I aim for more creature type demon lord.


Nice design, I think what JockeP means is that the Demon Lord category shouldn’t possess any human characteristics. Your design is basically humanoid which would place it in the Demon Prince category.


Thanks, i’m glad U like it.
I get it, hmmm…
Ok, i will make some adjustments, since it is just a concept but if in the end it will still look like humanoid then i will simply rename my title from Demon Lord to Demon Prince. :smiley:


Haudi ppl.

Here goes the newest sketch + flat colours of my demon lord - Omnisferatu.
I spent enormous amounts of time on this concept, there were a lots of re-drawings and corrections, but finally i achieved what i wanted. I just hope i won’t be the only one who likes this one :smiley:
The story will reveal why this demon lord looks like he does, and what exactly is he.

I drew on A3 format list.
Now i am colouring it in PS + Painter.
Tails are in progress, there will be more details.
Also wings are in development stage.


Hi! Very nice lines, shapes and overall design! A little bit busy for my taste, just slightly. Another thing that came to mind while reading your discription is that id does look like a robot more than a demon to be honest. Your graphic style, although its very nice does make it look very mechanical. Maybe if you kept your style and just partly introduced some more organic and lose shapes and details, you could keep your lines on selective places and do a crossover between a more relaxed approach and your very own personal style, that be really awesome, really. If you could work on some nice lightning to show its actually an organic surface it would be even better. I dont know, maybe you are thinking its an armor on top of your demon, but thats in the mind of the viewer only in that case, becouse right now i cant see a single piece of flesh, skin, or anything like that. Dont get me wrong i do feel its a cool design, further development can probably make it work. And sure you can have a story that tells what its about but in the judging (if you care about that) it might be a problem if it looks like a robot. Just my thoughts… As much as i can appriciate those hard shapes I’d still like to see you loosen up on that graphic style if only for some experimenting. Keep up the good work m8! :slight_smile:



Hi Niklas,

Thank U for your comment, I really appreciate your thoughts on this matter.
And it made me thinking about some stuff. I agree with your opinion and will make the organic parts more obvious, to avoid this situation where someone may think that it is a more robot than a demon. Although at this stage it may seem like it, the final version will look different because of the colours and shading.
When i will post a completely shaded and coloured version with finshed tails and added wings + other stuff, you’ll see that this creature is a mix between golem and demonic-dragon-snake-type beast. :smiley:

In short description from the story:
This creatures body once was a golem from ancient world. A bunch of demon warlocks acording to their prophecies performed an ancient ritual and summoned a spirit from higher plane of existance into this body. To complete the ritual they needed to sacrifice 1000 demons and spill their blood. After the body of golem was marked with the blood of sacrificed demons this creature became alive and absorded the flesh of all demons. As a result this spirit, golem and sacrificed demons merged into one being - Omnisferatu.

And the story will reveal a lot more. :slight_smile:



Hey, dude !

Whats up ?
I see you got some new look on your demon , but rely on the strength of your character’s design and not on some giant epic story that no one is going to read. It’s nice to think of some cool storyline for yourself but don’t get caught up in it too much. Save that short story and all.



I know that wery well. XD Although there are people who like if the character has more depth than just the visual look.
Anyway the story will be the last thing i will do.


It’s good.

Ah, aizmirsu, Good luck !


this one has that flare you see on the podium every year. giver!


Yes pretty cool shapes there,agree about the mechanical look


AlexaSharlOt : Thanx, and good luck 2 U 2

QuantumPixel : I’m really glad U like it. :bounce:

nellement : Thank U. And i’ll try to fix this mechanical effect. :arteest:


It’s late here in Latvia, so that’s enough for today’s work.
I am well aware that the mechanical look problem is not solved yet.
I just put a little bit of shadows & lights. I didn’t finish tails and wings either
So I will finish everything tomorrow. :smiley:

I hope you like it in it’s current state.
Goodnight everybody.


woah! what do i see here… :eek: Awesome sketches!
ya, you need to make those organic parts more visible… i too thought it was a Robot but as you said i will have to wait for the final coloured version to be able to feel it…

eager to see those coloured versions too along… Good Going!


namnocilis : Thank U, i’m glad U like it. ^^


:buttrock:Awesome! :buttrock: