DWIV - 2D - Adso2 - Azrrael, demon Lord


Ok, I update the project.

Here is the actual stage.

Any comment will be of good help.


Hey all nice ideas. I like the Not Clear one on the right the most. Some great ideas in this character and the idea of an undead pet in his giant boot is awesome. I think develop this guy some more. Great start. I should have a thread up soon with some concepts of a cyborg :buttrock:


Hi Xidon, Thanks for your comment. I think I should take the bad side finally and focus on it.

I will keep working on that idea :rolleyes:


Well, I have been working on some new ideas. This time mounted and chariot demons, that probably can be sort like “vehicle”.

Comments will be very helpful.


They are totally good sketches… I think you should be going with the one of the demon concepts. Your style is completely fitting on it…

Keep it up :slight_smile:


Amazing sketches:buttrock:
keep it up


Thanks for your comments :smiley: so many ideas and just one of them can be ahead :smiley: I will put more advances soon.

Thank you again :thumbsup:


I will finally pass the mounted demon or chariot, not sure if they can be take it as vehicles, so…

I’ve been working around the demon prince idea. I finally took the pen to draw a chaotic design for the clothes and armor, it should be something close to that. But l have also started to work on a demon princess :bounce: too many road opens in front of you :arteest: I am also thinking about a bulky demon :surprised

Any way, I hope you like them, your comments will be of good help. Thanks in advance.


Ha I should of commented on this when you first posted these two new updates, I prefer the Prince. The wings are wicked as, and same with the armor detail :applause:


wow, I wish I could sketch like you…Love all your sketches, especially the demon prince…Cool work


I wonder which way you will go.
I also like the one riding the beast, looks like he will walk right over you.


Hi all, thanks for your comments :smiley: Sorry I didn’t post in the latest days. I have been a little busy with other things.

I have tried another sketch, but this will be the last, I promise. Another kind of demon, stronger and bigger. I am within the demon prince#1 or this new one #2.

Your comments will help me to select. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the demon princess

keep it up:beer:


Sorry I did not updated my work since some time now. I have been a little busy with other things :shrug:

There is not much time, so I finally decided to go with a Demon Lord, a complete new idea. Something big and maybe more strong or at least that looks more dangerous.

This is a frontal view of the subject. There is to much things to finish yet. I tried to mix an anatomic with an organic armor. The shoulders armor buds from the chest. Probably right or left arm will wear some armor piece to break the symmetry look. Weapon was the easiest thing :smiley:

As you can see, I want to put many textures on the subject. I think that could give him a rough looks that could works with the concept.

As i say, too many work ahead. But if you can give you opinion … it will be of good help :love:


Well, I started to work on the illustration. I am posing and getting some shadows to compose the image. Also I have changed the horns, I am not sure about it, so I will work on them further.

Any comment will be nice :wink:


Ok, a new update :smiley:

I have changed the horns and minor things. I have the overall middle and shadows tones, and started highlighting some parts like face, but very smooth.

Still a long road in-front of me, sure it will be enjoyable :smiley:


Hi All,

Well, I keep working on the demon, but I had to stop in a crossroad. I have a dilemma with the right arm taking the weapon. I don’t know what pose to select, one of them is wearing the weapon forward (which i think it is maybe more manecing and and right for the subject) and the other is leaving the weapon slightly behind, but it looks to me more natural, Don’t you think so?? so I don’t know which road to take :banghead:

Any consideration will be helpful.

  • Forward -

  • Behind -


I like! Maybe clearify the design out bit more?

time is getting tight, hurry up mate


I think one big ass sword is good enough.

A symmetrical would make your design more stronger= add in armors to his left shoulders/arm will balance out on the heaviness of the sword on his right side.


Hi TuBui,

thanks for your help :beer: I am novice in this kind, but as you say, best thing would be to clearify the design out first :thumbsup:

I will do that on the armor :wink:

Hope to have it soon :smiley:

Thanks again mate, your work is superb :bowdown: