DWIII - 3D - YongWei - Stalker


Hi Guys this is will be my 1st Dominance War!!
I’ll be doing a Female Stalker with Water/Ice as my artifact weapon…
So here’s my brainstorming sketches
Hope You All Like it =D
And here’s my another refinement sketch from the tumbnails sketechs

Hope u all like it
I’ll update as soon as possible
C&c are alwasys welcome


Nice thumbnail developments dude! :smiley:

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My Deviantart[/b]


Looking good so far. I’m interested in how you’re going to work water/ice into the design, but it’s early yet. Of the concepts so far, I think the one with the dual loincloths is the most interesting.


Rezeroth: Thx =P your’s look dangerous to be near with hehe

Swizzle : About the weapon artifact… i having problem to do it in 3D =.= any good idea how
archieve it ? I need alot help here… + I’m new on zbrush… this will be my 1st model
to use zbrush


The boots on the middle one are ace!.

I think you should go back and make the silhouette more interesting, so she’s immediately interesting.


Louis J.Browne : Thx for the idea! I agree with you… Maybe my problem was that i haven’t add weapons for her hehe…

so here’s the new update, hopefully the silhouette is better now


Awesome design and concept so far, can’t wait to see the 3D finish


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