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Progress so Far on Creature…


How do you delete a thread that you created I forgot about the naming convention on the first one?


How do you rename a thread you created?


Go to the first post and click at the bottom right, “edit post”.


I did but the name didn’t change for the thread?


Race: Demonic Hex Being
Class: Invoker
Artifact Weapon: Skull helmet Darkness/Void, when the character focuses their will dark energy will be fired from a large dark cystal horn attop the Skull helm.

How does that sound?


Here is my first idea for a character let me know what you guys think


Here is my second idea but he would also have the skull helmet.


Heres another demon idea


artifact has to be hand-held weapon afaik , no helmet , necklace , armor etc as artifact…


Really? some people are doing pendants and gauntlets.


yea i noticed that as well. i cant quote an official post so nevermind my post actually , my bad :slight_smile:


It’s okay I was just realy confused for a minute there but if you think it would help I can make the characters stand on two legs instead of four?


4 legs would be interesting because most people will go for standart humanoid style. a draconinc 4 leg style will pull attention for sure :wink:


Thanks :slight_smile: I was aiming more for the middle ones idea I am goign to start making a more fully fleshed out concept for it.


My idea for my character is an ancient demon hex beast that has come through a wormhole to other realms to drive back other races from attacking his realm. His race has an ancient artifact of a skull helm with a large crystal horn that invokes dark energy to attack his opponents.

Let me know if you have any suggestions of things to add… I started the concept painting only been working on it for an hour because of me constantly deleting thigns change the colors and so on. All feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:


This is kinda what I seen in my head for the creatures face


Good doggie. Sit. Sit… HEY! I said si---- aaargh!

Yup, I wouldn’t mess with one of those. :wink:
You’ve got some nice elements on each image, maybe try combining some o them

#1 : I like the Spines and the back armour (if that is armor, the gold bits)

#2 : I like the Head with the big horns and the semi-winged forearms

#3 : The glowy bits rock!! You have to have that in your final, whatever it is!

#4 - Head closeup : Love the eyes. Very freaky. Although the thin tongue is bothering me. I think it detracts from the overall aggressive feel of the head. But then again, it could also offset it. Looks amost like a feeding tube. Bloody demon doggies… :wink:


Hahahaha! Thank you so much, yes I was planning to add all the different parts of what I thought was cool in each sketch the glowing thigns, the gold plate armor, and fix the spines on the demon creature. What do you think I should do to the tongue get rid of it? Make it thicker?


Last post for the night I am tired and my eyes are probably bloodshot from staring at the screen all day. I know I didn’t get very far for almost 12 hours of work but 3 quick concept sketches which led to my final idea and started my full concept sketch is what I have right now.

I hope you enjoy my hex demon now has an acid reflux problem…