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Character: Volcan the Merciless
Race: undead, mutated
Weapon: The Miseo, weapon of hatred. Forged by the God of Fire, Hephaestus.
Class: Stalker

Background Story:

His name was Miseo the Hated.
Abandoned by his own mother, Erida the goddess of hate, who had an affair with Odysseus, the god of war, was thrown into a volcano. The curse of Erida took an effect. His mother had put a curse on him when he was born to express her anger towards Odysseus for he left her to marry another goddess.
There he burned and burned, not being able to face death. The curse was refusing to let him die, forcing him to burn forever. In the depths of volcanos is where he grew into a powerful hideous demon who despised all gods that existed. His new mission was to kill all gods that existed. The hatred started to boil inside him, causing him to go berserk, killing off anything that got in his way untill he met Hephaestus, the god of fire.
Hephaestus was known for creating godly armors for warriors.
Miseos came to find out that Hephaestus was too abandoned by his mother who was also a goddess.
Sharing the similiar past, Hephaestus decided to join forces with Miseo.
Learning the power of the volcanic energy, Miseo became more powerful than ever.
It took 100 years before Hephaestus was finished with the demonic armor that shields Miseo. As time passed, rage started to boil inside him constantly due to the curse.
Feeling endangered by Miseo, Hephaestus asked him to leave. Before leaving, Hephaestus gave him a weapon. Hephaestus named the weapon, Miseo the weapon of hatred.
Then renamed Miseo, Volcanic the Merciless, for he knew that Volcanic would be the God of Hell in the future.

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Best wishes to you my good friend, great to see that you have a concept already haha… I just woke up -.-


sounding great Digiegg, you got your mythology well thought out


Nice, you came up with that pretty quick. I need more coffee ;p


Hey guys, man, I’ve been doing some freelance stuff. I wish I can just go crazy like you fellas are doing.
Well I can’t draw for crap… but I had to start somewhere…
Here’s the basic design. I think I’ll be adding morewhen I sculpt in 3D.


really looking forward to see the wips


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