DWIII - 3D - Taino – Mangrave the Invoker




Age – over 400 years old

Gender – Male (Zombie)

Type - Invoker

Magic – Fire

Weapons & Artifacts – Collar of the Burning Dead

Pet – Dragon

Special Incantation – The summoning of Brimstone The Living Gate to Hell

Hobbies – Reading ancient newspapers

Story – Mordrid Mangrave was a son of a popular Black smith from the Eastern Region. His father wants more for his son so he sent him off to study the arts of magic in homes to become a powerful Invoker one day. This dream was also shared by Mordrid, who only whish to make hi father proud. Unfortunately his talents did not meet his ideals and he was dismissed from magic academy after only 2 months.

He tried other schools only to suffer the same result. Things have gotten worst when Mordrid’s father grew crippled from the years of working the hammer against the anvil. Desperate, Mordrid summoned a Demon Clericon to heal his father. All Mordid could offer the demon as payment was his very life. The demon accepted and cured the father, then took Mordid to the bowls of hell with him. Father and son never saw on another again.

In Hell Mordid was shackled with the Collar of the Burning Dead, an artifact that binds unfortunate souls to Hell. The collar also allows who ever wears it the curse of immortality. Mordrid suffered 100 yeas in hell, that was until came across ancient Fire spells that only the most advanced Demon Invokers were permitted to learn. He studied the spells in secret. He studied and studied until his heart stopped beating, until his fleshed rotted away, until all signs of humanity were gone.

400 had years passed since his descent to underworld and Mordid Mangrave not only learned every ancient spell
he mastered them, making him the first and only man to escape the burning flames of Hell.

He is said to wander the lands like a ghost neither here nor there, wearing a mask to hide his charred face. Mordrid Mangrave, once said to be a young untalented boy trying to impress his father was now the most powerful Fire Invoker to walk the World and Hell itself.


Nice start man. I’m a big fan of undead art so I’m looking forward to see what you work out.


Some sketches i did to help me flush out the character.


This was my first go at color.

I was thinking of giving him a mask so he can hide his disfigured face. He carries many bags, because he is a traveler and homeless.  

I’m not feeling armor for his character, after all he is a zombie and wouldn’t need the protection, and also his character is more of a nomad who keeps top himself, unless he is provoked. 

He is embarrassed of his face, so he will need a mask.


Ok I think this is it.

I Got rid of the armor, because he doesn’t need it. Plus so many people are doing armor. I’m going to play with fabric, layers, and materials.

I push the bags concept to make the character more unique. It’s almost like a skirt made up of bags. I will tray to create a more dynamic arrangement with them.

  I took the spikes away from the collar. I'm working on a concept that will help make the back of the character more interesting. 

I plan on giving him a pet to show some organic anatomy and help with the silhouette. 

I like this mask, because I feel it’s iconic enough, and how it can symbolize a prison for Mangrave, but terror for everyone else.


This is a sketch of Mordrid Mangrave, 400 year before descending to hell, where he received the Collar of the Burning Dead, and became the most powerful Fire Invoker that has ever been.

I sometimes like to draw a sort of prologue sketch of my characters to help define them.


hey tai~ nice one!
i like the who he was sketch. definitely help with knowing the character more.
keep going man~ 4 weeks!! :smiley:


Great work so far, loving the concepts and character background! keep up the great work!


Mangrave’s artifact is the Collar of the Burning Dead. It was placed on him when he was cast down to hell. All who roam hell have these types of collars in order to keep them there. Mangrave was the first and only to ever break his chains and unlock the secrets of the collar.

The collar allows him to summon Brimstone The Living Gate of Hell, who can unleash other hell demons from it’s portal. With all of hell on his side, this makes Mangrave the most powerful fire Invoker around.

The collar is made up of metal and stone.


nice! solid idea. i love it.
Like the concepts of Brimstone.

question tho. the demons that comes out of hell, through brimstone, are they souls that were condemned to hell? If so, why do they have weapons?


Thanks, glad you like it.

Answer to your question…

“Condemned” doesn’t mean no weapons, just means they can’t leave. That’s why the Demons wear collars with chains, which will pull them back into the portal to hell, when they are done slaughtering whoever.

 Hell has it own society and rules, weapons are allowed, and there is a class system. Is I have time I’ll draw up a mock up of what I envision.


Too tired atm for any specfic crits, but I really like the style. Sweet with the background story and images of collars and portals. I see the big picture in front of me:) The character looks pretty badass too, now lets see those models! Good luck

Edit: Post No.666, Haha! Talking about portals to hell. I planned to save this to my final image… damn!!:twisted:


Going to start modeling after to after work.

This is a rough sidesiew to help define the shapes im going for. I like to model losely, not limiting myself to the concept intirely, almost useing the model itself as a concept I can tweak realtime. But these core shapes i feel are important.

I’m also going to start drawing up my 2D concept entry http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=234&t=600591


quick front and side image to help start modeling.


Finally started modeling.


Face concepts, to help me model.

Even though Mangave keeps to himself, and doesn’t try to look for trouble by nature…

This is a contest about War and kick ass characters. So I need him looking bad ass.


head sketch


starting to base model for the head.


Come on! Don’t stop man.
Good cheer.


Well I looked at the clock and notice I have zero me, 16 days left! , geez =)

And I still have to stat drawing up my character for the 2d entry.


I’m going to use this whole weekend to try to know out this model. I’m doing it entirely from scratch.

I feel I’m in a good place with the head, even though I still have a lot to do with it. But I’m going to start on the hands, then go back to the head later tonight.