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Here is my Dominance War III W.I.P. post.

Name: Gloom
Sex: Female
Class: Warlord
Power: Void
Artifact: The Light Eater (Battleaxe)


I tend to be indecisive, so I’m approaching the design systematically from the ground up. I’ve decided to start with the Artifact/Weapon and design the character around it, as I assume these items of power require a certain type of individual to wield them. I’m in the midst of working out the details of what my character is going to be.

Here are some shots of the weapon(s) I’ve come up with. I’ve been seeing a lot of swords, gauntlets, and spears, so I’ve gone with a solid crunchy battle axe with a sword-breaker edge built in. The orb in the middle of it is not finalized. I definitely want it to represent the void power, but there are so many ways to go (indecisiveness again).

I welcome all criticism, as this is a team effort and I’m always looking to improve my game.


Sorry for the delay on getting the armor up. Here’s the concept of what I have so far on Gloom. I’m pretty happy with the direction. I still need to design the gauntlets, boots, helm, and shield. The shield’s going to be carried in her left hand (the axe in the right). I want to show her head/hair, so I’ll either make the helm more for show (like a crown/tiara) than protection or display her with the helm off (have it sit on the pedastal or something).

I’ll be making the armor fairly battleworn and dirty, but I didn’t want to put that kind of effort into the concept.

I’m also posting a few color variations on the enamel of the armor. The red one is how I painted the original concept, but anyone who plays WoW and sees it mentions how much it looks like the Bloodfang Armor (myself included). I’m leaning toward the rust colored one. I like the all black/grey one a lot, too, but I worry about the lack of contrast (though it would be a good excuse to get showy with the spec map). Whichever I choose, the axe is going to have the brighter red accents.

I would love to get some responses on the colors. Suggestions of other colors would also be considered. Just keep in mind her name is “Gloom” and she’s a Warlord wielding a powerful Battleaxe.


I see wha you mean with the similaritys. For me my fav color scheme is black and red which aparently was this forums colors as well so it all worked out. I like the shoulder and thigh armor designs you’ve got going. Keep it up.


Hi there Okcyde!

Hehe. Sometimes cheesiness is good so how about naming your Axe … “Doom” ?
That way when your character is attacking someone, that’ll mean they’re being approached by Doom and – I can’t even say it. :slight_smile:

On a more serious note, regarding the armour :

  1. Colour
    I love the colour scheme as-is, but I’m thinking in terms of the competition and being a game character it may be a bit too dark ?
    Maybe try making it a dark-ish metal and push it more towards black with aging effects ? Rust and dirt etc ?
    Or maybe you can trade-off by using a nicely reflective material, so you can get the Fresnel effect helping you there. So from “straight-on” viewing the metal will look black, but from an angle it’ll reflect more and look more shiny-metallic. If you know what i mean.

  2. Armour Design
    First thing that stuck out is the articulation of the thigh-guards (cuisse).
    The way they are now, she won’t be able to move her legs! :wink:
    BAscially, they should end at or below the groin at more-or-less the same angle.
    I’ve attached a picture of a (leather) cuisse for you to take a look at. Hope that helps.

Secondly, the shoulder guards (spaulders) also will have the same problem.
ie. she wouldn’t be abel to move her arms forward and back at the shoulder.
(see attachment 2)
The main thing is that it should :
a) Cover the Shoulder
b) Cover the outside of the upper arm
c) NOT obstruct the armpit region

Shin guards (greaves) are lookin’ good.

  1. Weapon
    I dig it. The axe-head is different-looking. :wink:

Sugestion tho, is to make the shaft longer, depending on the axe’s usage.
If its a hand hand then thats fine, but maybe she should have two instead ?
If its a sinlge “big-ass” axe, then make the shaft longer, and plan for it to be wielded with two hands.

Hehe. I like armour and the little details. Hope you mind the comments.

Its looking good, tho.
Just plan for animation even though you’re only going to be submitting stills. :thumbsup:


I know what you mean about the black being to dark if it’s a game type character. I think a solution to make the black stand is to possibly make the spec color a different hue, like purple,green etc. What that will do is give it a colored shine. My best analogy being the old xbox one controlers. They were black but shined green, that’s what I may experiment with my character. Just thought I’d share.


Hey Okcyde, I would have to say that I enjoy the bottom left armor. The red is subtle but is works nicely. If you have ever played Oblivion, it reminds of the oblivion knights armor. Anyway, the colors look good, but I think if you played around with them some more and maybe put a hue on it, like s0id3 had commented, I think that would be cool. What usually help me is if I place maybe 10 to 20 thumbs in a row and and throw some really quick color on each on and see which on looks the best. Good luck.


Thanks everyone! All of the above criticism makes perfect sense. I’m sick right now and possibly facing getting laid-off of Monday (not MY fault, I swear it!). LOL. As soon as I have the time and energy to implement the suggestions, I’ll post the updates. I’ll make the shoulders and thighs more animation-friendly. Silly enough, it totally didn’t occur to me how the thigh armor would impede movement, but now it seems glaringly obvious. I’ll separate everything above the groin into the waist section. Thanks for the images LavenPillay! They help a lot.

As for coloring, I didn’t plan on making the metal incredibly black. It looks like dark metal on my monitor, but I suppose I could lighten it up a bit. I do like the idea of a colored specular highlight. I’m thinking a dark blue/purple. The bright red still feels a little jarring to me, so I’ll probably go with something between that and the darker red.

Thanks again, everyone. All very helpful criticism, and I appreciate the kind words!


remember to put tons of armor or class your armor up, because it has to be able to withstand all metal monsters… i don’t know if that means they have guns, or if they’re like the Terminator 2 all metal terminator guy… o___0


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