DWIII - 3D - NoirQ - Daphne


Right, here we go.
She’s a summoner, and a Cleric. The artifact will be the staff, from which the summoned creature appears. My inspiration, if it seems a bit familiar, is the awesome 80s cartoon Visionaries :smiley:

The plan is to have the creature half out and half in the staff for the final piece. I haven’t concepted what it will be yet, I was thinking like an etheral angel type thing, but i’ll hit that shortly. Any thoughts appriciated.

Base concept:

Base mesh, made in Silo:

And subdivided:

And I started sculpting:


Small update, started working on the clothing, but not happy atm, so we’ll see how that goes. (all still very much WIP)


I think your proportion needs alot of work, are you using reference by any chance?


yeah, but i’ll have a look and realign it some. cheers.


here’s a quick update, changed where i’m going completely, so here’s where its headed to. i’ll post more later, as zbrush just crashed.


All of these bits are all very much WIP, but in the spirit of showing progress:


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