DWIII - 3D - Manjulika - Stalker


[color=Yellow]==LATEST UPDATE==:eek:

   I have started my texturing part. I don,t have that much of time . Just smal part done .
   Its fully painted texture in photoshop cs2. I hope you people are really like that.
   Its time to rock:thumbsup:
   All the best.
   HI All,
                  Guys this is will be my 1st Dominance War!!
                  I'll be doing a Female Stalker name Manjulika with Sword weapon..
                 got some fast concepts, i like this one.
                  Hope You All Like it ...........
           [color=Yellow]==LATEST UPDATE==:eek:
      This is my latest uodate model .. see all update images  on last pages ..
          See update my last page
                Here is my update model of Manjulika if u really like this model please give me some feedback. because this is very importent for me.
                 Somu (india)


good start.May be a change in the weapon would help.Just a suggestion.
Best of luck.
Lets destroy the enemies:bounce:


hey Somu,
very good illustration skills, i like it a lot :thumbsup:
hoping to see more.


my 3d model is ongoing …
its coming soon…



Hay7 thats cool loks like she is born to kill!
Cudnt wait for the final model.


Hey Dude, nice to see ya in this challenge. Concept is beautifull:eek:
All the best:thumbsup: Keep rocking:bounce::bounce:


thanks man i started my model

Its coming soon


Bra with small colored lights - very hot :thumbsup: Nice concept.


nice concept man ! I´m wanting to see in 3d !


loving your concept. especially the way the cape is attached. does your model want to date my model?


I added the artifact power of Manjulika.

Artifact Weapon: Air/Lightning



HI all i started my Manjulika model
This is my 1st round in 3D…



nice modelling :slight_smile: crit on concept: I’d draw down overall emissive candy and have it more focussed… like on the artifact and not much more?


Thanks for command its very helpfull .
I will do my best thing


Here is update the body part of Manjulika.


Hey dude so you are in…
Good to see you yaar. Seems to be u ganna rock :bounce: like to see your zbrush work soon.

ALL THE BEST:thumbsup:


hi man thanks …

i update my latest model.


Nice modelling for a nice concept.


Nice modeling Dude, great start:thumbsup:


cool low poly work there pure show out there