DWIII - 3D - Lucchesi - Scarab Beserker


[b]Hey hey, showing off my colors for the first time here!

Here’s my Warlord, Pit. After several years of war, this grunt has now become an unstoppable killing machine. Relying on the shell of a giant sacred scarab as an armor, this bloodthirsty maniac is also using his shoulderguard to charge through enemy lines, causing massive damage. To benefit the most of his siege weapon, Pit had to cut his own arm off… Some say it’s the legendary scarab eye that is driving him on the edge of madness, but few are the witnesses who can tell about seeing him fight as when this brute goes beserk, there is no such thing as enemies or allies, only meat.

This is just a fast colored piece, i’ll be back monday with a complete ink and paint version.

Good luck to everyone![/b]


I wouldn’t cross his path. I would be too scared. Just to think that I can be his meal on the battle field…Brr…I got shivers…:eek: No really, I realy like the style of your drawing…I can’t wait to see the final concept in 3d…

Good luck to you too…



Oh and by the way he definetly has two legs, one is just missing from the poor scan I did. :slight_smile:


Inked! Now colouring this piece then i’m gonna get on the model sheet.

Cheers everyone! Thanks CyberArts for your attention :slight_smile:


This is lookin’ great…I want to see more of it…:slight_smile:


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