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Reserving my spot. I started concepting stuff. i think imma do some sort of a nomad sand warrior.


Here is my concept sketch. The wierd thing on his back is like a double sided blade carved out of rock. It will have the insignia on it. Kinda my take on the popular winged look. He can twirl it around, throw it, or use it like a shield.

He wanderes the desert and sand is his cloak.


Ok im getting close to finishing the model then i can start all the fun zbrush details! Right now im working on retopologizing the Pants which is a pain in the butt.


OK guys and gals. im almost completly done with the modelling right now im about 100 tri over budget but i can get rid of those no problem.

MY problem is im not really pleased with the preportions. there are some amazing character artists on here and i was wondering if someone could give me advice on how to make the preportsions more fluid and interesting. ANY help would be MUCH appreciated. IM still awaiting my first comment. yey


the first thing i would change is the head. right now it seems too big, and makes him look like a gnome rather than a big guy.
second, the hands are too thick, and third the the hip armor is too big. i liked it more in the concept.


OK im getting close to finishing this guy. Just working my way through the diffuse map. I want to finish a couple days early so i can work on a nice presentation. But im getting there!




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