DWIII - 3D - Grassetti - Crow


               Good luck to everyone :)
                 Ill be starting on my concept soon.
                Lets win this time :twisted:


Admiro seu trabalho.Neste ano não vou competir por falta de tempo,mas boa sorte xará.

I will not dispute DWIII, but good luck…


Fala Rafael, obrigado pelo apoio!


got some fast concepts, i like this one. I have some other ideas in mind. Maybe i go with this one if i dont get any better. I can have a lot of fun doing this :slight_smile:

Updates soon.
Take care all.



Nice work Raf! This is going to be one Beast of a character. Good luck with it. Not that you need it


you are insane man. Can’t wait to see how u pull it off :slight_smile:


hey raf,
awesome concept u got there dude, was waitin for ur concept n here it is… hope to see some kickass execution in 3d.
best of luck.


wow, that is amazing.

i know its early, but i think if you start putting some little details like equipment, and maybe some embroidery on his cloak, that will just totally set this character off, its looking really amazing already


hey man, Great concept you got going there and I know you will bring it to life in 3d. You rock man


great concept…wanna see your fu*king insane sculpture…more interesting for me than lowpoly :slight_smile: good luck buddy


Awesome, nice concept. All the best:thumbsup:


This is going to be fricken sweet, i know it! Cant wait to see your model dude… :buttrock:


concept looks sweet…cant wait to see this hammered and chiseled!


thanks a lot for the replies, glad u like it!
im doing some more sketches to show more of the character will post them soon!

Take care all.


Respect! Cool concept you got there, can’t wait to see the 3d!


I am really looking forward to more. Your stuff is awesome! I love the concept, goodluck with this.


got some new poses and views, just fast sketches. i think i can do the 3d model from this and fix all the stuffs.

take care all!


yeah that’s stunning…
awesome stuff as always…


awesome character !!
great concept sketch
looking forward to see 3d model


wooohooo…that looks really insane…GO on man!