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So finally time to make a thread! :smiley: been looking around until now and really psyched!
…handling excitement… (((( /x¨D\ ))))
had a hard time with ideas but went from throwaway sketches to ps now and have my first candidate but I’m not very sure about how fitting he is even though I like the concept. will try and do more candidates for great cgtalk dominance! Ü7
todays guy:
Name: Regent
Race: Human
Class: Warlord
Artifact Weapon: Vegetation - Viral hawthorn root
doesn’t typically hit the spot as an artifact since you’d expect a distinguished object… I wonder what judges will think about that… (opinions? :0)
wonder if my viral plant thing is “magic” enough too.

       [b]Story :D:[/b]
       So this guy is the general regent of a cornered nation that lost their icons of sovereignty in conflict already.
       [i]Our broken empire lost its posture among its rivals when suprised by the living machines. Crippled, to have our long chastised enemies exact submission in return.
       Our armies are spent and spent again by others, reluctant to spend their own blood to repel the new threat.
       Our since stringed regent will now gamble the fates of his exhausted people to seak out the agressor and means to forsake his fidelity and abandon his post, now sure to be merely symbolic in the obvious lack of proper indenture. His one sorry bet is to give his body to an unrequiting parasite, long rightfully forgotten in the deepest of our forests. A living, growing weapon from before the old world, once used by our ancestors to conquer any people fearing first for their skin before their nation, and never touched since for it's nature of stinging the hand that weilds it. Such stung that it has its victims spread it further or in return by giving them their remaining vigor in twenty or a fiftyfold while taking their sanity before offering their figure to the landscape for keeping.
       The General Regent has bared his bones where they are shallow and invited nature. Now we're all forced to put our hopes on the strength of his composure to dominate his mind as he engages the only instrument to oppose an army demanding the means of but one mans body.[/i].. ...ooor something! well there was my pretentious atempt at a story x¨D
    the main vegetation elements I've wanted to use are buds and hawthorn-like branches (they grow into a caesarian crown from his shoulders btw) and clothes should be inspired by withering leaves of sorts (don't know what that on his chest is). c&c pl0x :V
    btw. I was out gathering reference material in the nearby foliage today, will photo it and post tomorrow when more light reaches my room... right now I have tiny spiders drawing lines between my furniture x¨D\\
  Good luck everyone! :0//


photoed the stuff I brought indoors yesterday and made collage. perhaps other vegetation countrymen can make use :slight_smile:
big big collage: (links to 7mb)

here are all the source photos. lucky I could just toss all the scrap out of the window afterwards :stuck_out_tongue:
made a nice bouquet … fancier than any living stuff people usually put in vases :slight_smile:
my workstation is really rigged up now! ready to get serious with concept work tomorrow! >:U9


Hi Erik, nice concept with the parasite. It would be cool to see some ideas explored as if the man is more bent, almost like a hunchback with the parasite bigger, to show visually that the plant is definitely a negative, parasitic thing overall. Maybe the parasite wields the weapon itself? looking forward to seeing more…


Dominance War III



Hello mate!

Long time no update. I acually agree with jasonjuta to challange the silhouette more by making him a hunchback. well . . . but in the end i guess that doesnt matter my entry is going to make your Regent his first victim. Ho ho ho ho!

peace are for weaklings the war is on!

cheers keep up the good work mate :wink:


thanks for the critique!! :))
I will experiment with impeded posture and such as suggested! I may need to be ready to make him less handsome if it makes it a better character I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case the idea is he gradually will be morphed by the hawthorn by everytime he’s injured and the hawthorn regenerates the lost/damaged tissue (into a more (hard but flexible…lol magic) wooden tissue) which also occurs over time. so he’ll be like a stale ent in the end but before he turns a tree he hopes to succeed and then he might collapse and hawthorn given all control and go tetsuo alot etc before turning a tree… should try all stages and choose what to model after what turns out coolest.

special relation with hawthorn in combat:

so he can’t do these things normally at free disposal since he must fight and supress the hawthorn from taking over his mind or he’ll just go randomly berzerk and likely won’t beat the bosses and save his empire and he would also go berzerk on CGTalk allies which just won’t do! xD
so these superpowerful outbreaks will happen when he’s knocked out of control, unconscious or dead etc… and then healed by this h.t. and its impetuous tissue growth… and if lucky his body will still be usable (didn’t have to replace heart, spleen or brain? if so, turned tree, game over…)
so the only default (non- costsome limitbreak) use of the infection is he becomes very strong and all skin, muscles and bones heal very effectively and no short term downside… so run of the mill warlord manual labour to hack through armies from there :slight_smile:
maybe by the last boss if he’s not more h.t. than man he’s learned to command the h.t. without it taking over his mind…
so lack of armour is since he can regenerate and trunk on back is heavy already.

more c&c greatly appreciated!


You got some real intresting concept here mate. I especialy like the part that he needs to struggle to not let the green part of him take controll over him. you seems to have the concept all nailed down so when will we be able to see some 3d stuff?


Lovely concept…and heavens above, I adore your sketches. Great lines…but cough that’s besides the point for now.

Great concept! ^^


i like your idea ~
hope to see the 3D model
it must be cool~


Wow, I like these sketches a lot - I really like your process. It’s really loose and expressive - the character looks really leafy, mouldy if you get my drift. Will watch with interest!


decided to do a dedicated entry thumbnail for the submision system. would be quick since it was only 128x128 but ended up spending the day doing it so might as well post larger here x¨) will get to some final concepting now, I’ll use this guy. really like him. still have to add some detail and polish the effectiveness a bit.


I hope to see a char like that one day in a game. Great concept and powerful lines. Did you ever think of making an illustration book ?
I’m curious on how you will do that in 3D, especialy for a game engine restraints.

My only crit, and this is probably just my mind, is that those branchs around his head remind me a bit of Jesus crown of thorns.

want to see more !


harr, my thoughts went into a quite similar direction, with that parasite thing… :>
Though, the result are different, phew.

So, very nice concept sketches!

I’m going to watch this. ;]


Nice thumbnail, if the hawthorn does make give a crown of thorns look, I think that’s a positive idea for the character concept, since he is a martyr after all…good work so far.


wow Erik!
thats a killer concept u got there, i love the sketches, made me laugh :applause: good going :thumbsup:


Great concept, inspiring!



So you think your twigmagic will pierce my polycount plate? Ha ha, I’ll dance a jig on yur grave and drink mead from yur skullbone!

hrm…beside, it looks really good. :slight_smile:


very nice concept. I think you should go for it. By the way, your concept work is very nice. I think you should take this concept, it’s quite unique.


Finally got a change to check out your concept. Its looking really great, and the idea behind it seems real original. Your in the same boat as me, Im also worried my character bends rules or isnt quite on target. Im not the one to say if yours will get the OK from the judges or not because Im not even sure if mine will haha. But from what I can tell, there should be no reason to not accept your entry. Nice touch with the polycount ogre hah.


jocz: thanks alot! :)) I have, and comics too… (time… x¨)), about crown, oh silly scandinavian ignorance… I hadn’t even thought of that x¨D and I agree it’s kind of annoying to think he’ll have a resemblance of that :confused:
Eonwe: thanks! so are you going to put your thread in your signature? :slight_smile:
jasonjuta: yeah… martyr x¨D zomg that’s corny also… hadn’t thought of that either… will try to avoid sheding any martyr:ish light on him :slight_smile: (would seem too cheezy and sorry x¨))
imtilongchar, wiFLP: thanks!
Belltann: harr! (how do vikings laugh??) we’ll see about that! :smiley: (and needless to say, your concept is cool as jewelized moose droppings!)
Rares: thanks! eases my angst over not having done more thumbnailing :slight_smile:
KP: thanks! I definately dig your concept! I think they should both suit the compo :U7

working on a chronologic sequence on the development of his infection, have to work faster!;0//
here’s something that caught my eye on the way home today. for me or other veg. m8s. I’ve been considering hawthorn blossom &| buds and this seems close. lichen is nice… too bad fresh mutant hawthorn wouldn’t feasibly ackumulate any in time :slight_smile: (pic links to photos)

time to draw some lines! :slight_smile:


so that big beefy guy… is he one of the full metal machine guys that came through the wormhole or is he what becomes your character, or is your main character the thistle guy?

btw, i love the thistle ent guy. cooool.