DWIII - 3D - Dtran - Merrik


This is all so very exciting. Will be posting some sketches soon.


Yeah man! Glad to see you entering the contest! Good luck!


How are you?
I can’t wait to see your artworks.
Cheers. Dave.


Wow the war is really heating up, i am seeing alot of cool entries.

Here is an idea i have been toying with for my Space Pirate character. I always wanted to create a space pirate character.

I was thinking he would have this parasite that latched onto his back(i won’t go into details here) giving him an extra arm to attack, defend, and reach with.

Here is another sketch i did up on the train to work.

Thats all i got for now i am still refining him until allthe pieces make sense before i start to model. I will try to get in some more concepts tonight.

Feedbacks and suggestions are always welcome.


Very good. Your posessed pirate will destroy all. I’ll hold your hand till the bitter end. K?


cool job I like it


Cool scetch! I liked paint on his face…realy good idea!


Thanks for the comments guys.

here is a small update. just trying to get his clothes and gears to look right. I’ve also added twin blade type things.

some more updates tonight.


Really interesting character. I love the large blades. Great job


Wow! Really good! I’ll keep an eye on you!


Liking where this is going. keep it up.

digging the big swords, but then again who doesn’t :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice piraty-sneaky-guy. Major coolness.

Now quit noodling and do a basemodel. :smiley:


i love the blades. i’m also glad you lost the tenticle. this looks like a contender for sure


You got a strong design going here D, keep going man. No sleep, no time, no doubt!


Same as before, it looks great.
I love the shape overall. I’m looking foraward to seeing the next one.


Love it, a pirate warrior.


pretty strong nice design u have man, def digging this. Not so sure about the double blade though, there’s something about it that doesnt fit the character right.


The idea kicks @$$, i am looking forward to more and now you make me want to draw! bah… to bad I’m working.


Yeah man, the two blades work great in my opinion.


u got the style man~nice design