DWIII - 3D - dstammel - Edgar Fox


NEWEST IMAGE: Scroll through to see progress.

Time to tweak the maps. I’ve got some fixing of the spec maps and what not. But i’m getting close!


I’m thinking about making an stalker.
He’s going to be a sniper. He’ll have a steam powered sniper rifle.
The rifle will be powered by the fire/lava relic to create steam.

I know the rules say no steam engines, but this won’t be an engine, just a steam generator to propel his musket ammo.

concepts coming soon.

edit: no go for steam…it’s air/lightning relic now


looks like fred shot down my steam rifle by saying no steam equipment.

Looks like my sniper will now have a wind magic relic powered air rifle.

I’ll be starting the concept tonight.


lets see those concepts! good luck, I will be fighting for GA this year, expect no mercy CGS!!!


Ok so here’s a little sketch for my character

He’s a Human Stalker assassin named Edgar Fox who uses the power of a wind crystal to aid in his assassinations. He’s from a cold climate so he’s dressed warm. Sweater, winter hat, and lots of layers. Good thing he’s got fingerless gloves with removable mittens!
He has a simple air musket. It only has one moving part. There is a level to allow air either through the barrel or out a bleeder valve. Depending on how well he can control his air magic he can also affect the bullets travel using the relic. This allows him to assassinate targets from great distances

I might flesh out the concept some more with another drawing or i might just dive right in and start some modeling. You’ll know soon enough.

I may also give him a pet. He might get a hawk. He could use the hawk to judge distance to a target. If he knows how fast his hawk flies he can time the hawks trip to the target distance and back and know how to set him sights on his air musket.
just an idea.

let me know what you think.


Keep working out the concept, its much easier to do your faliures there, make sure your lock everything down, colors, nick nacks. so far so good, I like it this much (outstreches arms as far as can.) I would loose the antenna on the gun, and maybe give his special tank thing those weather tracking devices, mainly those little half-sphere spinners you see to monitor wind, things that tell you he’s Wind driven, I would play up that angle. maybe give the gun a tripod and put it somewhere, maybe have him loose an eye and make it look ghostly. maybe some stubble a real rough neck. on the one eye thing, maybe more Assymetry, one sleeve rolled up, the other not. maybe a cigarette. crap I cant spell.


all good ideas.
i’m still fleshing him out.
more to come.


very cartoony :slight_smile: might want to warp that grass a bit so it doesn’t just look like you stamped it in there from photoshop (for the final I mean) I like the idea so far, good luck!


ok, concept update.
i decided to go for some more asymetry like zeke3d suggested.
missing a sleave now which is actually practical. that arm will have to raise up high when he is aiming the gun. Without the bulky sleave his arm is more mobile now. Also now he only has one elbow pad. when he’s lying prone he’ll be supporting the gun with his left arm, so therefore he needs an armpad on that side.
I also gave him a messenger bag which is actually hung up under his coat so now one side of his coat tucks back behind the bag.

As for LiannaS’s comment. I am going for a more cartoony look. His proportions aren’t accurate. I’ve enlarged the hand and the feet while maintaining a smaller head. I want the character to look bulky and full of layers.

Next step will be roughing out a low polygon so i can play with sizes of accessories and see how his silhouette is shapping up.


Ok more changes. Some guys at my studio had some nice critiques.
Got some more Asymatrey in there and i’m running the air pipe down his arm.
Only has one knee pad for when he kneels and shoots and one on his elbow for when he’s prone and shoots.
Enlarged the pack as well.
Low poly is next for blocking


I’m liking the changes. Maybe a few more fine details… like bullets on his backpack straps… utility or combat knife… you know fun stuff. I’m liking what I see.


yes lets see that musket pellet pouch, and make it extra pouchy. bullets wouldnt make sense, but the knife is a good idea. Overall great changes, much nicer. I would look at giving him difrente shoes, they look so nice, like he’s gonna go out dancing or on a date, look at zappos.com to look at inspiration for maybe other types of shoes, im not saying go military, maybe and ug boot or native american flavored look. also is this guy russian, native american, or plain ol’ american inspired, if so maybe play that up, and also play up more magic.


thanks again.
I’ll be adding a knife i believe tonight and most likley musket pellet pouch on his belt.
Yeah, still working out a design for the boots
He’s american inspired. Boots will most likley be inspired by WW1ish military boots
He’s young, I haven’t fully written his story up yet but when i do i’ll add it here as well.
He’s a new recruit that was drafted because of his sensitivity and aptitude to magic. His test scores were high so he was recruited for the elite ranger sniper division.
He’s only about 19 years old. So he’ll have a younger face. Hopefully i’ll show something for a face at some point.

I roughed out some lowpoly stuff last night. I didn’t take a screen shot so i’ll work on that more tonight and hopefully post something.

Thanks again.

Edit: I’m thinking he’s more like 25. He was 10 when he was forced into training and had 15 years of extensive military training.



Hunter supreme! :smiley: I like it. Took some getting used to at first since everyone else is going for “MY CHAR CAN EAT THE UNIVERSE!”-kinda stuff, but the more I look at him, the more I like him. Looking forward to seeing your mesh. :slight_smile:


ohhh not the paper with the burnt edges and blood stains! so cliche, find something better to overlay your drawing on top of, more in keeping with the idea of your guy.


aw, zeke is anti burnt edges.
If i come across something i like better i’ll update it.


here you go zeke.
distracts less from the drawing.
but originally that was the plan…distract from the drawing!
My low poly is coming along, but not ready to show yet.


I like the amount of strappy things, lots of fun detail. His rifle is very different then any other artifact weapons i’ve seen.

Super cool!


I started cracking up laughing when I read “originally that was the plan…distract from the drawing!” Looking much better, I was thinking on the lines of just plain paper, or maybe a map that snippers would use, something like that, cause if you want to throw in distractions, at least throw some in that enhance the look and feel. :wink: