DWIII - 3D - Dmonk - Stalker


I’m in. Heres an inspiration\concept sheet. I block out a rough base mesh in XSI this morning. the character is based on the mice from the comic Mice Templar (great book!).

Race: Mouse-ish
Class: Stalker
Artifact/Weapon: Vegetation/Bow

Does CGsociety have a team insignia/color? I’ll have to work fast, so I’ll pot the base mesh a little later once I clean it up for sculpting.


All quad base for first sculting pass. 3984 tris.


sweet concept :slight_smile:
cool basemesh…hmmmm waiting for more :bounce:
good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks more to come soon. Hopefully sometime tonight if I get a chance.


Holy hell. That’s some fast work! It’ll be great to see where you go with him.



Having a 4 month old has taught me to be efficient with my free time. I don’t have a ton of time to mull over the concept or the luxury of having until the deadline to actually finish so whe I get a chunk of time I need to motor. Like right as I post It’s 5 am (baby woke up at 3am :cry: ), since I was up anyway I started figuring out my charactes outfit.

ANyone else think the 9000 triangle budget to be extremely generous? I’m loving it.


Yo Dmonk! You fighting for CGS too? Haha. Good to see you here mate!


Always up to lend some of my Kung Fu to CGS.:deal: :bounce:

Lets hope I finish this time, shouldn’t be a problem now that I have my new system.


Hey, What’s up man!
Glad to see you :smiley:


Wad up! Are you in this too?

You know what’s sad, i’ve turned into a lurker on this forum these days instead of an active participant. It’s way to big for me these days.


I’m not.
I’ll worry about you. :bowdown:


Too bad, your last entry was great! I’ll do my best to make you proud.


Blocking out clothes and accessories.


Looks very cool man, I like where it’s going, for sure :slight_smile: I too think the 9000k limit is generous, I thought 7 was a little weak, especially for 2048 textures…so, it seems more fitting. I’m actually trying to think of things to fill up the budget, hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it up mang!


Hey pretty good work. I decided this time to have a bit more fun and go a touch more toony myself so Im liking your entry. Lets hope nobody makes a catknight.


Thanks I still have more than 3000 tris to spare after what you see posted.

About the texture maps, everything needs to go on 1 sheet? Never did that before. I’ll fogure it out I suppose.


Thanks, Mine isn’t going to be as intese as the other. Do a search on “Mouse guard” and “Mice Templar” and think of something in between to get an Idea of where I’m going with this.


So far these are the basics of the character. I still have 2200 tris on my buget to work with for extras.


cool really cool :slight_smile:
looking for sculpt :slight_smile:


sweet!! I think it’s really a original concept! 5 stars from me… Reminds me a lil of the flying monkey in avatar :smiley:

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