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—The story----------------
Freya, that was the name her parents gave her, lived in a peaceful planet which at some point was invaded by machines when she was four years old. During the invasion her parents had sent her to Alvivia, an alien planet in a friendly galaxy not so far away, when the teleporting machine broke and they died. At that point, she was sad, angry, thirsty for vengeance, but too young. Seeing she could not do anything for revenge she decided to wait, being bred by aliens in a culture very close to the one she was born in.

There had never been a trace of Machines anywhere in that galaxy. She waited for 17 long years until her body was ready, although at that point her mind wasn’t so ready anymore. She married her childhood friend and they had a 2 year old kid named Marcus. A normal life some would say. All what happened in the past was lying in a remote place inside her warm and passionate heart.

Freya was an average scientist working for some public institution, her alien workmates treated her nicely despite the racism that obviously existed. But all of that relatively mattered since one day, during some non-disclosed experiment, an interdimensional portal opened and demons reached her planet, with their thirst of blood and chaos. In hours her world turned into Apocalypse. Easily they destroyed the whole civilization, killed Freya’s family and took her captive since Odin, Lord of Death and supreme judge from the underworld, loves human girls and alive ones are hard to find…

So there she was…Freya had been living, or dying, among the undead, the evil, darkness for years…and years. But this time she didn’t forget, she knew inside her heart that all that mattered had been, again, shattered into pieces. That time was different, she had fought for that life, and it was simply ripped apart. Her thirst for revenge made her fight to be be number one in Odin’s choice for company. He loved to smell her face, to lick her body, to devoure her most intimate parts. But that didn’t matter to her, it was just a simple step for the greater good. No evil could deny Odin was having a very human feeling, he didn’t even want Freya to have herself. She was 36 when Odin, Lord of Death, married her and as a demon he was, gave her half of his soul. Then, she became Maha Kali, Queen of the underworld.

Didn’t take long until Kali used her power to destroy Odin’s heart. What she didn’t know is part of his small soul was given to Kimera, Odin’s strongest soldier with lion shape. She went in the search for him, to the Dark Jungle of Chaos, where he was the Absolute King of all creatures. Obviously they didn’t get along very well so then started a battle of 9 weeks between Kali and Kimera called “The battle of the thousand sins”, where the demon woman who once was an innocent human girl, succeeded and Odin’s Lion died, giving her all his power and his master’s.

She knew she had to let the power grow within her. All that immense force that dominated the world underneath her origins. Well, she tried to gain that power, but apparently it was very demanding, and her half human blood wasn’t enough for it. All that for what? her vengeance was complete but she wasn’t delighted and happy. She wanted more and she wasn’t allowed to have it!

Filled with rage she led her demon troops in the search of The Priest, the one entity who could release her from that barrier, her sickness. Only legacy she kept with her. Her human part was no longer needed and it was a nuisance. But The Priest wasn’t found. He was well hidden. On her quest, though, she found the red sided cobra, the personification of the Anti-God, that who had once been ruler of all dead. She offered Kali something simple. If she let the Snake merge her soul by own will, she could easily fight Odin’s Soul and absorb all his power.

She accepted, and the Snake was about to possess her. Suddenly continuous lighting started coming from the burnt red skies from hell and the ritual was left in half. The Priest was there, right on time to save Kali from the really mean mind of that old evilish snake. He raised his hands, and the earth shattered, wind blew persistently around her, and the armor started to appear. She opened her arms and thought about all those souls she desired, all these angels she had killed sitting next to Odin, also him and his Kimera and finally the snake that was looking at her with deep, red eyes…next all turned to white, then black, flames started burning inside her head and her heart slowed down, until doing the last beat of her life.

Her skin turned deep red, her clothes were ripped apart and new armor was covering her. The Priest’s powers weren’t short and the metal that covered her was created from the energy of all those souls forged into stones of the Valley of the Dead. She was given an artifact to invoke all these souls she carried upon her body. She understood clearly that bizarre construction around her body was the remaining of the immense forces that had to join her, but didn’t find a space inside. That space was covered by a tiny bright spot shining inside her, her memories? her human being? she wouldn’t know…she wouldn’t care.

When she opened her eyes, she felt anger, a lot of anger. Her heart was emptied and all that remained in it was only inside her deep demon eyes. All from the beggining of her times as a human when she was little Freya. The only thought she was having was to come back to Alvivia, figure out where she was from, and erase the machines from the face of existance. Machines were the only existance in the Universe she could worry about. But first, she thought with her cold brain, there was a source of power nearby that could help her in the search of her ultimate goal.

She searched for The Priest, again. But The Priest was no more. The reason why he died to give her such a power is to be told in another tale, but what is sure is he left one thing. The completion of her artifact. The Spear was lying in her hands…it was heavy but it didn’t matter hence its use wasn’t to fight. The sole canid purpose of it was to find the dead and make them join her soul collection.

Those who saw her and knew about her past tales, called her Maha Kali or the Queen of the Dead. Again, she wouldn’t mind.

-----------thanks for reading, if you did :D----------



As a mercenary that I am, I’m moving to CGSociety’s side this time double checks post count

I’ve done like 20 concepts today but they all sucked. This one needs a lot of design modifications to be final but I’m happy that I finally came up with a badass look with a female figure.

So far:

Race: Demon
Class: Invoker
Weapon: Darkness/Void


Yeah…I think you’re onto something there.

I was just about to find her attractive…then i got scared. :thumbsup:

PS : Hey, you notice how similar the words “demon” and “women” look !!! :twisted:


thanks Laven, btw I’m not trying to do a hot chick anyways :wink: Hot chick won’t kick all these other entries asses, definitely :stuck_out_tongue:

Evolution of my concept!!


gotta say, that’s a pencil sketch on a A3 sheet. Reason it looks so sketchy is because I took it to my PC with a shitty slim camera :smiley:


Hey albert great sketch so far :smiley: cant wait to see your 3d model , your last work was my desktop image for a long time :smiley:



Hey man great concept!
I really like the direction you’re going towards.
I think her upper body could be bigger, then also her hips could be wider.
She’ll need the size to carry all that heavy stuff.
Keep pushing!


Hey, nice start. But I think you will have a hard time to fit in the cgtalk logo and color, dont seem to match the design really. Anyway, I’ll see if I can drop some more crits when its more developed.
I’m sure you will have a good chance (liked your werewolf creature alot, impressive). Didnt you fight for 3dtotal last time?

Good luck,


Really nice line quality in your sketches and I like your idea keep up the good work.


boom booooooooooommm thats one nasty girl right there… kickass concept…
cant wait to see her in 3d.:twisted:


Nasty Girl ,Nasty Girl…in a Nasty Nasty world :)…sweet stuff man,i really dig the newer version of your concept!


thank you people! Wow looks like DWIII this year is being pretty dense. Soooo many entries going on already. You make last year’s competition look tiny :smiley:

Anyways, color concept.


Zup people, you scared? :wink:

Base mesh (rest in zbrush):


Really awesome concept! Definitely looking out for this one.


F***, crazy concept man… This is gonna be great… better than last year for sure :D. Best of luck :thumbsup:


really awsome concept man. … wud luk ass blowing in 3d… gud luck!!


Looking forward to what you do with this :smiley: A few sculls too many for my liking but I understand the premise so I’ll shut it :wink: Keep it coming :thumbsup:


Hi magda, im glad u dropped by :slight_smile: ill take out some skulls then…im planning on putting torn cloth covering some parts…is that a good excuse? :smiley:
Rion 411 i’m glad u liked it, thanks :slight_smile:
Ankit wassup man, thank u! cant wait to c what u come up with! From now on u are my enemy btw :slight_smile:


Awesome concept! I would try and make the armor look a little more heavy on her though.

So far so good, will definetly be fighting on your side :smiley:


nice start just watch the proportion.


pretty clean base mesh u got there albert. cant wait to see how u treat her in zbrush, m sure its gonna b badass…