DWIII - 3D - darklion6583 - Gloriam Whurthur


Hello Everyone,

       This is my first dominance war and I’m ready for battle.  Good luck to you all.
       [b]Name[/b]: Gloriam Whurthur
       [b]Race[/b]: Dwarf
       [b]Class[/b]: Warlord
       [b]Artifact: [/b]Gauntlet[b]
       Artifact Power[/b]: Lightning/Air
       -Quick Thumbnails


-Quick concept Ideas and fleshing out the characters armor.


-I believe this will be the final conecpt for my character (subject to change).


Dwarfs are know for their raming speed, so I decided he should be able to utilize that power and kill a couple of adversaries that way with a big f@#%ing horn on his face. His gauntlet (past down to him from generation’s past) is imbued with lightning power which can obliterate a character in one hit. I may do a few tweeks here and there but he is close to being finished. More concept work to come.


Wonderful concept work, man. Aside from your great line work, I enjoy his helm and the organic-looking gauntlet design. Have you given thought to what sort of material the gauntlet will be? In your sketches, it seems to blend into his actual arm. Is that part of the power? Either way, the character’s looking great, and I look forward to seeing his progression.



Dude, looking pretty sweet. Looks like you did a lot of work since I last saw it. I am very excited to see what you do with it. Good luck brother.


Dude, looking pretty sweet. Looks like you put a lot of work into it since I last saw. Can’t wait to see what you do with is brother. Good luck.


Hey man this is really impressive, if the concept looks this cool I can’t wait to see the model!


Hey, thanks guys. I will post more images pretty soon. As for the first post, it’s made of a mineral that is mined within his home (he is a mine dweller). I will elaborate on that later. As for the second part, I was thinking about that. When he place the Gauntlet on his hand/arm, his artifact becomes a part of him. It infuses with his arm and turns him into more of a Berserker when activated by aggression from an imposing force. I’ll have a back story, I love doing that stuff.


looks great so far. can’t wait to see how it turns out.


Hey guys, just did a quick color study of my Dwarf and his gauntlet. It’s a first pass, so let me know what you think.


The world needs more dwarfs! Have you plotted out where you will include the insignia? Since he’s not in CGS colors, don’t forget that. I forgot all about it till today haha.


I certainly agree. I took that in mind and since dwarfs are usually dect out in armor, it will probably be on his belt buckle or somewhere chiseled into his armor. It’s just a first pass so it might change.


It would be pretty sweet to have the CG Society logo engraved in the dwarf’s left shoulder armor, the bigger side. Also, the arm is looking pretty sweet, but I don’t get a sense that it is emmitting electricity yet. Other than that, looks awesome. Keep up the good work.


Thanks for the feedback. That is a really good idea to engrave the logo on is left shoulder piece. Also, that’s his gauntlet when it’s know in use. When he is attacking something it is activated. I will be illustrating that pretty soon.


I did a real quick color study. If you have any opinions, let me know what you think. It’s about time I started modeling.


Nice color variations, good to see you experimenting with the pallette. I really like the 3rd and 4th ones on the top row, as well as the middle one on the bottom row. Lookin good!


that fist is super cool! my suggestion would be aside from his shoulder hes a little plain and symetrical. i would add some nick nacks to his bels and maybe so some designs here and there on the armor.
also i like the middle color scheme!


Interesting concepts! Most of your color concepts feature a white arm. I like the darker arm in your earlier image more than the idea of it being white. So aside from that fact, I like the colors on the first two bottom row. Alternately, you could choose team colors (don’t forget, it’s a requirement!) and go with top row second in, or second row first in. Go team!

(but just as some advice, next time you post lots of pictures all in one file, number them! It makes giving (and decyphering) feedback a lot easier for everyone. :slight_smile: )


Hey guys, Thanks for the suggestions. DavidArt20: I also like the middle one on the bottom, I might consider using some aspects from that color study. The Flock: Thanks for the advice about the nick knacks. I will be adding all the goodies and design when I take it into Zbrush. Walrus: The right arm will be the same color as the first initial concept design. Also, thank you for the numbering idea.


nice concepts ot there …waiying for 3d


Beautifull. This Dwarf is gonna rule:). I like 11 and 13.
All the best:thumbsup:


Thanks madshooter. More work will be up soon.