DWIII - 3D - CG-Gordon - [TBA]


Time to get started :twisted:

Decided to try something stylized for a change. Some very quick concepts below, mainly just thumbs and ideas. Trying to keep things quite simple and bold. Almost certainly going for a giant warlord character, and at the moment I’m leaning towards the fire armour top right - keeps in with CGS colours too :scream:


This reminds me of the artist for Alien Hominid. Adoreble but awesome design!


Lovely stuff - and I like that lovely wee punching fella at the bottom.


A lot of people aime to realistic looking. It could be a great idea to do something more stylized…

Anyway, your sketch are great.
Keep it up.


Loving the style of this, they kinda, loosely, remind me of the guard in Zelda Phantom Hourglass. I think i’d go with one of the bottom left 2, but tbh, they all look ace.

Slight tangant: looked at you Gum thread, awesome work there. I loved JSR back in the day :slight_smile:


No more pictures?


I really like the bottom right concept, it looks nice.


You finished that nursery yet?

I demand an update!


this concepts are great! keep it that style, nice job!


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