DWIII – 3D – Blaschke - Antranik


I just created a thread to annonce that I will fight for cgtalk.
My character is not yet clear in my mind. I’am still brainstorming and looking for some references.

I just know that it will be an alien invoker.
‘‘antranik’’ this name is armenian and it’s mean ‘‘first-born’’

So,… i’m ready to fight!

winning pose:

beauty pose:

construction shot:

texture sheet:

concept sheet:


I’m glad to hear that buddy! I hope to see some of your ideas soon!


Here we are.
The head is a little bit more clear in my mind.
It will be an alien with two hugh horn who join up with a ball (or may be a VFX) on the back of the head.
Some part of the skull will be visible on the face and the back of the head will look like a firefly abdomen…

Now i’ll working of the body.


The whole firefly abdomen is really creative and you’re off to a nice start. Can’t wait to see more.


The idea of having the horns meet at some glowing object is really neat; I haven’t seen that before. I also like the horny bits coming out along the jawline. Keep pushing it; I’m sure you’ll come up with something interesting.


i don’t like the colours of head. maybe try our team colour? red and black?
anyways, the overall shape is realy cool.


You’re right; colours are temporary. I will use our team colours.


That’s really hard … but i’m learning a lot. The character is not still decide but i try to have fun :slight_smile:


This is not bad at all! I would even say it’s a great start man!
I like the way you posed the arms and hands, and your character looks very stable on his feet (which is not always the case for someone who does his first character!).
I know it’s hard, but it’s a good opportunity to learn and try new techniques , and I think you’re doing extremely well so far. Keep it up!


Good start on the model. Looking forward to seeing you take if forward so I can provide a more complete crit. I can say one thing, perhaps some more preliminary sketches would be good to give as a better idea of where you’re taking this. Good Luck and I hope the situation in Armenia improves.


I worked on foot and arm. I didn’t had a lot of freetime this last day but now it has changed!


Looking really good so far! I like the fact that you focuss on a pretty low level of subdivision to fix proportions instead of rushing into crazy details :slight_smile:
I would just make the hands a bit bigger, they look small to me.
Keep it up bro!


It’s coming along nicely. Can we see more of what you’re planning to do with the guy. More in terms of the concept. I like his whole shape, everything goes together well. I especially like the feet and head. I think his hands are a bit small and unimposing. Maybe they’re too slim, bulk them up maybe. Keep it up :thumbsup:


Thanks for the advice. I did it a little bite bigger. Tell me if you think it wasn’t enough.
This day i worked on the head and try some idea to find something pleasant.
It’s not finish yet.
I aim to bring out the bones like if they were horn. I mean the bones on his head look like a mask or a helmet.
In brief, i love bones :slight_smile:


Quick update. I need to work more on the back and the foot. I don’t like the thumb.


WIP of the cloths:


WIP of the Head:


I’m looking for the skin. It’s really hard to find something nice.


Hey Vince!
Nice progress on your sculpt! I think you shouldn’t go that far on detailing. If you have the resolution for that at the end, I suggest you just create a bump map or use the Nvidia plugin in toshop to do that. This way you will have a 2d layer of your details, and that will be easier to make the diffuse/specular/normal… match to each other.
I like the bones on the chest, looks nice!
You should inflat the lips, they look a bit flat so far.
Hurry up, 2 weeks and few days left already! :smiley:


You’re probably right.
Besides, when my wife came hone yesterday night, she asked me why i didn’t have work on my character of the day…:sad:
It’s hard to hear that after a hard day of sculting.
So i will stop to focus on details, all the more so i have not finish yet.