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Hi Warriors!
c&c welcome :slight_smile:

     Class: -?-
     Power: Light/Holy
   Artifact: a skeleton/mummy of an ancient saint w transforming into a rapier or  just shining holy deadly energy field around it's wearer/carrier. :wise:
  or not

   [b]29th Febr.



First sketches.
She wears a backpack which contains a mummy of a saint.

…corpsE …sorry my unused, bad english…


Is a cool idea I havne’t seen any undead characters posted yet. I can’t wait to see a finished concept drawing.


Dude, thats a freakin nice idea!

Carrying around the mummified remains of a holy person is a very nice twist to put on a “good” character.

A true holy warrior who has both the blessings of her god and the help of a … very experienced superior. :wink:


Thx for the replies.
Here is the base of her body, made for it & less than 600 faces, Wings3D viewport wire/-/quick smooth. Concept draws of details may be soon. :slight_smile:


two color sketches:


brainstormin’ 24th Febr.


Maybe the mix of the two?:slight_smile: Nice begin.


Excellent so far!

I’m just thinkin’, looking at those pics, that the helm is tad…too masculine ? Not sure, but it don’t feel right for her.

I know thats a particular helm design you’re using, but perhaps try something thats a bit more of a headdress than a helmet ?

Armor-wise, maybe you can have lots of smaller pieces of armore all over the place.
That’ll make it interestingly asymmetrical and also let you show off some skin. :wink:


Yeah! In the morning (GMT+1 :)) a draw a bit at art history class.
Narrow leather stripes…
and thinking about the saint…


I think the bigger backpack was better. Its looks like a woman with her child.:stuck_out_tongue:


clothes design and modelled her body up to 2000 tris


I like the character so far but IMO, she looks a bit too “masculine” for her role as something holy. Maybe its just me because I dhaven’t seen enough of her yet. Please take no offense and keep us updated.


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