DWIII - 2D - SashaP - Lilith


Thats exactly my mentality on the competition, I saw no female winners so I vowed to create an awesome female character and hopefully get within the 3 top, or at least the top 50 bracket.

My friend introduced me to the competition and hes entering the 3D part for CGSociety, we were originally going to team up, but when the rules were announced, it we had to separate =P

I might go ahead with the veil and have views of her with it clipped off and hanging from one end.

Thank you for the comments, and from everyone else too! Its much appreciated!


excellent concept details on her face. i like your point about darkness, hmm sasha to be honest with you i did n’t like any of the out fit, they are to ordinary for your character, spend more time on cloths, good luck and happy desgining.


wow! cool
i like the horrible feeling:thumbsup:


I like 3rd

It’s very sexy:buttrock:


Wow, some beautiful drawings/paintings you got here. Really feeling the the character’s elegance and evilness working together. The idea of keeping the clothing simple would probably be the most effective and I really like the jewelery around the horns. The veil looks cool but it might sorta be in the way of the evil darkness emerging from her mouth which looks badass.


Thats one of my problems, but I think what I’ll do is show a concept with it clipped off and hanging to one side. Basically when shes using the darkness, she’ll move the veil.

Thanx btw!! From you and all else!


Wow, so beautiful devil:)


sasha thank your for supporting my idear but your work is much more impressiv alone from drawing side looking as my idear :-). i like your devil wife ^^ one comment of me: try to do something with her tail ending its at the moment typical and solid right now i know but she can need something more or better said, some typical female style on the cone of her tail.
or what do the other guys mean there?

impressive, i keep an eye on this because want to see it final :slight_smile:
now back to war…^^


I like number 2 or 4, it goes with the close up of the face with that thing coming out of her mouth sick! :O, love your stuff so far. Cheers.


sweet design, personally I like #3 costume


I’m gonna go ahead with #03 and have the veil detachable when using the darkness artifact.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments and advice! I appreciate it, and will work on this as soon as I get the chance.

LordAngelus I’m also not too happy with the tail either, and will be working on it. Thanx


I like the veil idea. But it seems it could be designed differently so she wouldn’t have to take it off. I’d hate to see her about to fight a heartless machine and it coming at her with weaons drawn and her have to say. wait! I have to take off my veil first so I can kill you!

Maybe just split it at the nose and have two seperate cloths coming down so that the darkness just kind of splits the cloth as it’s coming out.

Looking pretty awesome all around though, good luck with future updates. Looking foward to them.


wow your right we do have the same name, cool. and thank you for your comment i cant wait to see yours that is a awesome character. she is very pretty, i like number 3 with the Vail it reminds me of ancient Egypt and the lips remind me of star wars. very cool keep it up.


The concept art with the darkness creeping out of her mouth (and it looks like the eyes too) is amazing.

For the tail, perhaps it cant be more like a lion tail, with some hair in the end, or some sort of bone club.

Everything is looking great, keep it up! :twisted:


Holy CRap there is some outstanding work coming out of cgtalk for DWIII. Great concepts.


The darkness looks like a little creature, couldn’t it just have little arms that move the veil out of it’s way as it comes out?


Wow you are like reading my mind =P I was thinking the same thing.

Thanx everyone for the comments and advice, will take it all into consideration!

Thank you Z! =P I’m going to change the tail to a lion type tail


Nice work!
She Looks sexy and dangerous at the same time xD



#2! I like where you are taking this so far. Keep going.


Dark, sad and evil - I really like this concept - even its simplicity.
But clothing seems to be a problematic part - I think the naked version looks the best so far :-P. Maybe if those clothes would be darker they would match better the mood of this character.