DWIII - 2D - SashaP - Lilith


[b]** As far as I got, Front and Back Ortho (04/12/08)**:


Ran out of time, would’ve loved to finish and compete, good luck to all of CGSociety! Hope we win high!

Thank you all for the comments and encouragements![b]

Current Design WIP (03/25/08):


**For Updates, Scroll Down**[/b][/size]
 Name: Lilith
    Race: Demoness (Of a Alien Race which resembles Demon-like features of Christianity)
    Class: Stalker
    Artifact: Darkness/Void
    Information: soon...
   So before the theme was announced, I had started some concepts down, but when I read the of theme, it became obsolete. Heres the initial first concept:
     for a closer look: [http://www.flickr.com/photos/sashaart/2284722048/sizes/l/](http://www.flickr.com/photos/sashaart/2284722048/sizes/l/)
        And heres what I'm developing her into based on the new rules:
        For a closer look: [http://www.flickr.com/photos/sashaart/2284722188/sizes/l/](http://www.flickr.com/photos/sashaart/2284722188/sizes/l/)
        Shes A Stalker and I'm not sure whether I want her artifact powers to be darkness or summoning. Probably Darkness =P


She’s really pretty, I like the horn structure going on with the head, it sort of reminds me of Edea from FFVIII, and totally in a good way. I wonder what kind of outfit she’ll be wearing.

Also FYI, you might want to post up in heavyness’s thread about renaming threads. The rules are pretty specific about the thread naming rules and you have to make sure you use your forum username and not your actual full name.

So it should be…

DWIII - 2D - SashaP - Stalker

Also is the character’s name going to be ‘Stalker’? With that wonderful expression, she should have a deep beautiful name! Can’t wait to see some updates!


I’ve chosen a Stalker with the Artifact power of Darkness/Void
I was going to make the darkness a black ooze like substance… and dark fog-like stuff.

Heres better WIPs:
Shes not going to be naked, I’ve just not designed her outfit yet.


As I submitted the thread, I read that >< Will change soon, just trying to find a name for her. Oh and great eye on that catch about Edea =P I’m actually a huge fan of FFVIII, but I didn’t intend on that lol I wasn’t even thinking of her =P But I was inspired by Kerrigan from StarCraft. Thanx!


JUST WONDERFUL! can´t more say!


Looking good so far. I have to say that I liked the version with two sets of horns a bit better than the current, but that’s mostly just personal preference.


I agree with swizzle on the double horn setup, I think the elongated back of the head makes for a bit more interesting silhouette. BTW is that her artifact embedded in her chest?

You could give her sort of a black liquid dress made up of her artifact’s power that she can mold with her mind to attack her opponents. Razor sharp liquid lace…nasty ^o^ Plus she has the double ability as a stalker of changing her outfit into other outfits to become sort of a master of disguise.

And as a bonus, then you could say she has a ‘killer’ outfit ^_-


Lol I was thinking the same thing, also, though it looks like another horn, thats actually her hair woven into a snailshell shape, looling like a horn. =P

Ye athats her artifact embedded in her chest. Shes actually victim to her power, like a vessel sort of. When she uses her power I wanted her to have her eyes roll back and kinda become lifeless, like a shaman summoning kinda =P

I also have to develop her weapons… getting on that =P


Woah she looks awesome, can’t wait to see her artifact. Goodluck! Cheers


Wow! Coolr demoness:) I like her even she’s a demon:love:


wow pretty nice stuff goin on here… like the last one. looks cool


Looks good! The horns look a bit too chunky for my tastes, to be honest. I’d maybe do them a bit sharper, with some edges.

Notice how these really have a “shape” them, if you take a cross-section, they’re not just round.

Either case, looks good. She has plenty of character!


I was thinking more along the lines of Ram Horns:

With a more snailshell look to it, but thank you for the advice. With a side view, you’ll see it more pulled out and it has more of a rounded end. =)


Beautifull:eek: This is simply Awesome Dude. Your idea of Ram Horns sounds cool to me.
All the best for this challenge:thumbsup:


Hey Sasha, nice character you got there, she looks bit depressive, change the expression.:scream:


Lol yea, actually thats what I was going for, shes a very sad and demented character type, but very powerful. Shes actually a priestess/shameness which is slave to the artifact of darkness, a vessel to practice its power. Shes also in control as well, but she sacrifices her body to her magic, but owns her soul. Thanx for the comment as well!

I’ve done my share of happy characters, I wanted to try a dark one again =P


awesome concepts!
keep it up!


Some outfit designs, will probably add more, but I don’t want to put to much clothes, I liked the simpilicty… but that may prove to be a downfall in this competition.

Heres a concept of how I imagine the darkness power emerging from her artifact and any other orifice of her body.


wow, great conepts. really like the design as well.


I like 03 with the veil. You don’t see veils very often! The picture of her with her powers is really creepy, I love it!

I hope the more simple outfit works out too, it will depend a lot on the judges tastes to be honest. In previous competitions they did seem to give emphasis to the tougher looking entries, in which case most of the female entries are probably screwed (Look at previous results, a female character has yet to hit the top 3 >< although CGchat got close last year) So that’s why we have to work extra hard!!! I want to see CGsociety win first, but if I can’t see that I would at least like to see a girl character rock the competition this year!