DWIII - 2D - RaresH - Brawdik


Race: Human
Class: Warlord
Artifact: Gunblade
Magic Energy: Lightning/Air

After a hectic last couple of days, I managed to finish and turn my entry in. And I thought it would be a good idea to submit a 3d entry :shrug:.

This was a great experience and I can’t wait to start the next one. Good luck everyone!

Final Entry:



Lovin the costume, waiting for more on the face and the legs. This guy might look dapper in some kick-ass shit-kickers. Definitely make that pistol bigger and more rockin! Nice work!


Thanks for the feedback Sean! Yea I guess he does call for some sharp kickers. I’ll be exploring some more gun options as well. Should be fun.


Here I’m playing around with different elements. Any particular one strikes anybody as the strongest piece?


I like the armpiece you’re using in pieces #2-4. I like the face of #2 most. #1 and #3 are too covered up, and the old-fashioned gas-mask doesn’t feel like it fits the theme as much (to me.) At least #2 shows more face and has more character. It might be nice to try the left-hand weapon from #1 with the right hand weapons fo the other three. After all, the rules say that if your character has 2 weapons, they have to match… well, unless one is not magic. Anyhow. might be fun to try. Good luck with it!


Cool creature!:slight_smile: I like 2 and 5 from last variants


Thanks for the feedback guys. I am leaning towards # 2 and #4 myself.

Walrus- I’d like to see the characters face as well so that it’s not too impersonal.

Alex Novo- Thanks.


I love your style. Looking forward to this developing more.
I’m partial to versions 1 and 5, though I’d be careful about avoiding the hellboy look with that mask.


I like the masked version no.5. But I think he should have armor on both arms.

Nice concepts :thumbsup:


angryeunuch- Thanks! I think I’ll work with the unmasked approach. I’d like to maintain as much of the human element as possible.

MartinNielsen- Appreciate it! I’m still not sure exactly how much of him will be armored. In any case I’d like to keep him as nimble looking as I can.

A few head variations. What stands out as the strongest for you?


No.4 has my vote.


MartinNielsen- 4 is what I was thinking too. Thanks.

Some sketches illustrating character in action;


Nice action shot! I like the goggles in general: They really speak to the post-apocalyptic theme to me. But of all the goggle configurations, #4 is the most original. I don’t think he necessarily needs the tattoo - feels a bit overused - but that goggle configuration is just great!


#4 seems to be the way to go for me too. I’ll try a few more head variations stemming from that head before calling the head design done. Thanks for your input Walrus :).


woah nice actions there! really liked it. coming on quite nicely, really enjoyed your works. i agree with walrus bout the tatoo part on the head. btw nice goggles!


Nice action shots. :thumbsup: It is a great way to visualise your characters abilities. I plan to do the same, but time is running out :sad:


yongs- thanks! Glad to know the action shot is communicating the characters moves well. I like #4 too.

MartinNielsen- thanks again! You,re right, action drawings help to flush out and communicate the characters abilities. I wish I could do some more but I,m eager to get to the final images.


Looking pretty cool man, I really like the action poses you posted. Awesome.



Nice work, how bout the tatoo on his head be the emblem?? I think thats cool too. :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck


cool 2d concept man i like your work flow and line drawing…