DWIII - 2D - Perin - Meggabogha



Meggabogha is done! Here are the final images:
Winning Pose::

Modelling Sheet::

Concept Sheet::

May the C&C come! Thanks!

original first post:

Hail folks!
My good friend Alex Oliver have told me 'bout the Dominance and that I should submit something so here I am, joing the forces of CGSociety!

I’ve started to work in the project this week, and tough having a massive inclination to choose designing a Stalker character I don´t whant to close my path yet. Just after doing lots of free, almost randomic, sketches I’m gonna start to work in a more direct line to the final concept.
So by now here are the pencil sketches of the first three ideas, very rough, that came up last thuersday:

All three Stalkers. I’ve liked the last one the most, so maybe I’ll put some color in it, just to see how it goes, and then do some more pencils…

That’s it! See you tomorrow.


Ok! First of all, thanks all you guys that have replied and I would like to say that I do enjoy very much this kind of good team work and nice behavior! ¬¬
Now to what really matters.
I’ve done another concept in last week, here it is:

and then put down some colors:

This would be a Stalker character, being the Jitte and Sai his artifact magikal weapons, possibly with ice or void powers. But once again, those are just free ideas, don’t want to put lots of details, specially in the character background history, by now. I’m working in two different ideas for Warlord characters. Be posting those soon.

Be aware! Take care!

And please, all you CGSociety warriors, reply this good comrade of yours.


Very nice work man.


Very nice and original!
I especially the squid man/creature. Although I’d go farther and add even more squid or sea creature elements to it.

Keep it coming!


wow! great start man!! keep poting!!
Alex Oliver


Hey! I’m back!
Thanks shadowseth, Abstractcore and Alex Oliver!

Spent all this time doing many many sketches, lots of ideas. And finally found something that I would like to do.
The name is Meggabogha, Stalker. A Cyclopaen from a very distant and dark planet.

'nuff said, here are the sketches:

The mask and lens are used due to the cyclopaens adaptation to low-light and very clean air enviroments in their home planet. The camera-like lens in he’s helmet are used to zoom and macro targets of interest and also, and most important, to adjust the light. Using a high F valeu the lens can have a large depth of field focus, don’t needing frequent adjustment. The auxiliar lens in the right side of the helmet is a selenium batteryless lightmeter, like some Olympus analog cameras have.
I’m not sure yet about the weapon, some ideas that came up were a compound-crossbow with electric magick power (what would be very useful to make massive damage in machines from a very long range) and a flaming saber (that could be real nice in direct combat).
I´ve decided to use a sneaking-suit, light materials whit great resistence. This concept is better viewed in the first sketch, the second one central item is the helmet, the complete armor was an initial idea.

I really would appreciate to hear some suggestions concerning the weapons. And of course, your opinions about the character aswell!

Mauricio Perin.


Hey dude, nice job ! Congratulations again… Now I want to see it with full armor and ready for war.


Thanks Tiago! I’ve done some action thumbs and worked a bit in the Crossbow idea, I’ll post those soon! Seeya!


So! Here are the thumbs I’ve talked yesterday:


Still thinking 'bout the weapons. Really, can anyone say something?



Hail folks! So here may be news! Definitive design, next step i’ll just add the CGTalk logos. Weapons of choice: Magick Artifact Ice Crossbow plus 2 Khukri knifes, just for the lulz!:twisted:


So, that’s the end. I’ve just sended my final entries.
And here they are:
Concept sheet with old pencil drawings and one digital quick sketch of the game dynamics, Model sheet is real, nankin pens and watercolours, and the winning is full photoshop+painter.

::3000px hi-res::

 And now the long wait.


Perin, my friend, your work is very nice. Really good and good luck in the contest.


Thanks Tiago! I’m glad i’ve made it! See you tomorron back in Melies!


Ay m8,
your job is really nice! A one-eyed G.I.Joe lol
Good luck with that!
(88)sounds like a plan!


hey, nice job! congratulations, looks really cool! parabéns cara!


Thanks Vinicius!

Soon I’ll open a blog with the complete process of this project!


Hey Mauricio, nice finale, congrats ! and good luck with your entry. Cheers!! :beer:


Hey man! Congrats on finishing! Alot of work huh? I thought so… Really like your drawings and that design is also quite nice. I like the short sword, looks like it could hurt someone badly hehe. :slight_smile: Good stuff! Good luck with the judging!

Hope to see you back next time… :slight_smile:




Po cara, MUITO bom velho. Vi seu link no Nerdcast, parabéns aí. Onde posso ver mais de suas artes?


Putz, mto bom!!! Vi no nerdcast também seu trabalho.

Só por curiosidade, qual sua idade?