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Hey Guys,

First time posting here on cgtalk for Dominance War 3. Just starting a thread to get things going. No sketches for the contest just yet but here’s my blog and website for now:



A. (a.k.a. MonkeyUncle)


Woo hoo! Andy’s joined!

Eager to see what you come up with!


This is the first rough sketch of my idea. More to come soon!


Ok there was some shennaigans with my last post so I’m re-posting to make sure it gets through. Thanks!



lookin good andy. I are in <3 with the shoulder pads.


really cool, the forearm gaurds are bad ass. it looks like he could forearm drop a huge spider.
i think the legs need some work


hey, you have a very good job!

in this post: the lights in the left side elm are really pretty good!

I will looking this post!



This looks good!
Got some nice weight and mass to the figure. I think you can start to explore some more angles with the helmet. It’s profile can be varied alot more I think.

I really like the cloth ties he has on in that X shape. Very cool. What’s is artifact weapon going to be?


On the armor and the first sketch of the artifact.



Looks cool Andy, I love the back shot, the shapes are working real well! The rendering on the profile of the helmet is awesome too. Can’t wait to see more. :thumbsup:



looks cool so far. I wonder how it looks like after color…:slight_smile: keep going


Here are a few more iteratins on the armor. I’m pretty happy with the silohuette but wanted to tweak the details a bit. Crits welcome!


Here are my final orthos, concept sheet and finished piece. Hope you guys like it!

It was great competing this year! Thanks everyone!

Andrew Trabbold


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