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Whew! Done at last. Right on! Good luck everyone…

          Name: NeeTahDav
          Race: Pixie
          Class: Clericon
          Artifact: Titan's Star
          Power: Light/Holy
       Ages ago, titans fought a horrific war on the world of the Gnomes, using fearsome magical weapons. In their mad war frenzy, the titans destroyed themselves completely, leaving a devastated world in their wake... but one of the magical weapons survived.
       Although for a titan, it was small enough to fit in one hand, to the Gnomes it was huge and unusable; still, having seen its great power, they decided to keep it in case a way to wield it could be found. They called it the Titan's Star.
       Now, war rages again across the galaxy, and the Gnomes face a new invasion, potentially as ruinous as the last. In desperation, they contacted the far more magically skilled Pixies, whom they knew were already fighting the enemy on their world, and offered thousands of Gnome warriors and the use of the Titan's Star if in return the Pixies could find a way to actually use it.
       Even though the Pixies and Gnomes had in the past suffered uneasy tolerance of each other, the Pixies, fighting a losing battle on their own world, saw that perhaps an alliance offered a sliver of hope in the face of unrelenting destruction. They sent their finest priestess, NeeTahDav, to study the device and hopefully activate its powers.
       At first she made little progress. However, as message after message came in from the Pixie world, each one bringing more dire news, NeeTahDav decided that only one chance remained: to actually merge herself and two of her own magical items with the Titan's Star, to wrest control of it from inside. 
       And so she did - knowing all the while that she might never be able to separate herself from it once merged. While she can sense all that happens, she cannot communicate with anyone outside except by vague empathic suggestions. Non-living objects could not enter the sphere.
       For their part, the Gnomes provide support, bringing the Star into battle at the forefront of their army. The Bearers of the Star, marked by their green belts, hoist the heavy (to Gnomes) device on their shoulders with poles, carrying NeeTahDav like a queen and knowing that they themselves may not survive as the awesome power of the Star is unleashed.
       While she did indeed manage to take control of the Titan's Star, its power is nearly overwhelming and she constantly fights to maintain her force of will, to direct its energy to her needs. Can she gain total mastery of the Star in time to save two worlds?


Here’s my first fast pass, sketch attached. The idea is that the big thing with the globe on it is the magical artifact, which is actually designed to be used by a giant- or titan-sized creature, who could hold it in one hand. Instead, it’s being used by this female pixie Clericon, who has been forced to actually meld herself into the crystal sphere in order to activate its powers. She has her own tiny globe and a wand with her in the sphere to add their powers to the overall function.

Since she’s completely immobile inside the sphere, she needs a small army of stout gnome warriors to carry her and the artifact around using poles, as an improvised palanquin.

Comments welcome.


I have to finish my NVArt Artspace entry, so “serious” updates from me will start after I’m done with that, sometime next week.

But believe me, I’m still in.


OK finally I get to start up. Here’s 90 minutes work.

Um, how do I make an attachment actually appear in the post?


Another 90 minutes. Hopefully the idea’s looking clearer.


Sweet man, this is looking cool! I really like the guy in the lower left. Cant wait to see this finished!


Here’s where I’m at now, in the middle of the grunt work. Duplicated the gnome face a bunch of times so I don’t have to paint them all from scratch. Gold thing is done, girl is almost done.


I was just very startled to find that my piece wasn’t officially entered on the DW home site… GAH!

I had no idea that I had to go over there and enter all my info. That was never made clear, they just said go to your team site and start a thread. Sheesh! Nice job, contest admins… :\

Sure am glad I noticed that and set up an entry. I would have been rather unhappy to do this work and not have it count.


Lookin’ good Jeff!


Hey Jeff, I didn’t saw you till you got the official entry, my bad, and sorry about that! I really like this character and her hordes of gnomes carry her…she is so comfortable naked, that makes her look more powerful! And yet spiritual very Tibet’s monk looks!:bounce:


Here’s the fourth update (not the latest); finished off all the gnomes.


Fifth update: added some cracks and refraction to the sphere. All downhill from here!

Thanks for the nice words, Axel, I’m glad you like it. :slight_smile:


bump for a nice concept :slight_smile:


Congrats, cool concept and nice final image! Cheers :beer:


gratz on the finish! Looks awesome!


I agree with comments above, nice concept. Good luck.


Nicely done! Best of luck in all the judgeing and congratulations very original!:lightbulb:thumbsup:


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