DWIII - 2D - gatlingg - The Clensing


Name: [color=White]Arathusa Ki
Race: Driad (Birch Variant)
Class: Clericon
Artifact Weapon: Enchanted Vessels (holy waters)

    [/color][i]T[size=1]here was a smell of something old. Older than you and I both together, older than this soil. It came from the source, it came from the yesterday and it was angry. It pulsates, it quickens beneath my feet and I am afraid. We've messed up, we've gone too far.
    "You've soiled me. My precious, precious sanctum, ravaged, filthy! Awakened with the taste of hundreds upon hundreds life blood, I cannot stand this any longer. Pulled through my roots, the life of all I nutured, thrown away in this triffle-this fight for dominance. Why must you worry mother? Why do I always have to clean up your messes? This violence, this destruction which has uprooted me has worn me brittle. I shall show you how you have errored. I will clense this place of your stench, your killing, your hatred, your greed. This must stop and this must stop NOW!  
    Drop down souls. Lower your eyes, close your mouths while mother clenses this world of your stains." 
    [/i]I ask for you to forgive me for I haven't posted my full concept sketches yet. I needed to get this up before it was too late into the event. I've been clearing away as much as I can to make time so I will post all I have later today. Here is something of a placeholder of my progress. More to come later today.
[/size]Bring me the tired, I hope to bring restorative help to the fallen, and drown the opposition! Lets kick their asses CGS!


though its just a sketch of the hand, but i really like it. love the colors running in there. really love the sketch.

can’t wait to see more! :thumbsup:


Yes, sorry for just the hand! I have more of everything else once I scan and get them together later today. XD



Your hand looks grate, be waitting for the rest of the body :slight_smile:


Nice, looking foward to the rest.


Wow, this look amazing so far! I can’t wait to see more of the design. :smiley:


Loving the rendering. Nicely done,painter? :D person with skills like you should not worry about having support or not. Being it from your parents or anyone around you.
Good luck!! hope to see more soon :D


wow amazing!


Really nice first drawing and really cool design on hands. For sure looking forward for updates :smiley: Cheers mate !! :beer:


really nice concept men! and the idea very original


Oh crap I have lost so much time doing commissions. I’d stopped everything to work full time on this from here on out. I am really sorry about my tardiness in respnonses as well, I really do appreciate the support even though I’ve not followed up as I should.

Never fear! I have just a few things so far. I plan on uploading the vessel details soon as they are very very fun for me. I’m refrencing lots of Roman ornamentation. I’m all over the place as she will have a Koi familiar lol! I need to update myself on your threads as well!

I removed some sketches from up above to add in this post. =) Everything is still here.

Kick some butt people :scream:


“Have you chosen?” She tilted her head and asked, not a hint of emotion crossing her features. She’d managed to make her way down to the forest floor without him noticing. There wasn’t much noise, only a smell of wilderness, and of a spice he couldn’t recognize.

Her movements were firm, yet lithe as if she measured and calculated each step, each blink. He was in her home now. He managed to drag himself here with one remaining leg, it now going numb, shaking from the incresed burden. She watched him carefully, noticing with resolve how he’d mask the pain he was in.

She drew from her back two iron bowls of some sort, plain looking and worn on the outside. Placing them in front, she explained her process of his repair, and allowed him to decide…

Further Explaination:
Fox: If the warrior, invoker, etc seeks agility, cunning and survivalism tactics during his/her cleansing (healing), than he/she may choose this vessel. Hightened senses are attributes of this vessel during healing/sanctification.

Stag: For pure strength, endurance and dominance. Once cleansed (healed/sanctified) body will have these additional attibutes. Loss of agility may occur.

Process consists of several options based on condition of those being healed. Drinking. When ingestion not safe, bathing or a washing of the brow, inner palms and fingertips.


Beautiful… i love your strokes a lot…very feminine too :smiley: (no good or bad). I’m lurking around your wonderful thread everyday so keep updating those magnificent stuff ><


Thanks again. ^^; I’ve added a more final decision for her face. QUick and questionable prportions but the idea is down at least. Not too clear right now but I want to do something with branches. Horns are awfully popular it seems.

She’s nature and I want to convey that as best as possible. Added a random doodle from the sketchbook of her vessel and possible companion. Possible. Too much going on to tell so far.


love the sketches, unique and stand out from the rest. Good luck to you. :thumbsup:


Those are some great drawings so far, Kelley! I love the design of the head (I especially liked the forehead in the 2nd post, the side view one.) I also really like the designs of the vessels. Now you just have to pull it all together into the 3 pages… Good luck!


Hi Kelly

I see amazing stuff in your portfolio and also here in this post. The design of nature-organic

Head elements are really good. I like it. The whole character brings me feeling of Celtic myths.
I wish you success!


Well, right now I’m just using my own webspace for it. Plenty of room to host there there, however, its just the same to upload them to photobucket, and place the links from it here.

Hope that helps. And thanks


The maidens would come everyday. They were identical. Their only difference were the vessels they carried, each holding their own symbol. Each time of their visit, they’d kneel, taking water from Arathusa’s lake. Often times, they would rest beneath the birch tree, sharing stories, their sadness and their dislike of service to the land’s ruler.

Arathusa listened carefully, years old, but still concidered a child of the world. Her form yet to step from its roots. She embraced them with her branches, shielded the maidens from heat and allowed them to drink from her lake.

She heard stories of their plots, their dislike of servitude to this ruler. They were planning to rid themselves of him. In what way, she did not know, but knew somehow, she would be involved.

One day, as appreciation, one of the maidens carried water to the lake and knelt to give back into it. Arathusa was pleased, but caught sight of something else, a spirit originally not of her own land, poured into the water. A fish! He stood still at first, slight shock from being gently poured from the vessel into what would be his new home. The maidens had no need to return with their former ruler’s artifacts, for he could have all the water he so pleased, in a form that would never allow him to leave.

The maidens left their vessels, and their ruler with Arathusa that day at her lake. She listened for several years of a former ruler, once human, reduced to the confines of his precious lake. Still, Arathusa would not be released from her roots for some time to come, and grew and understanding as she heard his trials and what would lead him to his bitter state.

[size=2]Short Version: Two maidens carried fresh water to their king from a lake. He was very picky and needed only water from this particular lake. Tired of his cruel ways, they ploted and turned their king into a Choguro Purachina (pure white) koi, and left him in his lake to stay with as much water as he wanted, forever. The maidens left his vessels and him to the lake forever, allowing Arathusa and the Koi to gradually grow a bond as she was yet to move from her tree, herself.


:slight_smile: hehe thanks, but not quite yet Walrus. Guess what? We get 5 day extension. Wipeee, I needed this so bad.

More time more drawings. =D